SHOCKING REPORT: DC Arrest Data Exposes Utter Lawlessness

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Once seen as the pinnacle of American power, Washington D.C. is a beacon of influence and grandeur. However, many have begun to see the District in a different light, as it has recently become strongly associated with corrupted ideals and practices. This assessment isn’t groundless; quite rightfully it is ironic that one of the most corrupt cities in our country is also our nation’s capital. With this notion being further corroborated by yet another concerning report proving such allegations true.,

Free Beacon reports, in Washington, D.C., two-thirds of people arrested never face criminal charges, according to the recently released data from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Among the 15,315 arrests District of Columbia police made during fiscal year 2022, the U.S. Attorney’s Office decided not to prosecute 67 percent of them. There were 8,238 misdemeanor arrests and 2,023 felony arrests in that percentage.

According to the report, the city council withdrew its controversial revisions to the criminal code, which reduced penalties for illegal gun possession and carjacking, among other offenses, after congressional Republicans and President Joe Biden signaled they would overturn the legislation, which was cited as a result of the city’s skyrocketing crime rate. A number of Democrats were critical of Congress’s resolution, calling it “an absolute travesty” for D.C. statehood.

As part of their excuse, a spokesman for the attorney’s office said unreliable forensic testing of evidence and police body cameras were to blame.

Here was the spokesperson’s complete excuse:

“First, because the district’s Department of Forensic Sciences evidence lost its accreditation, we often cannot secure the drug testing, DNA, and firearms testing we need to successfully prosecute these offenses,” according to the [U.S. Attorney’s Office]. “Second, we have, in the last few years, been able to incorporate body-worn camera [footage] into our charging decisions, which allows us to identify challenges before we charge. As a result, we are seeing fewer charged cases being dismissed by courts.”

According to NextNewsNetwork, In the midst of the debate over the crime bill this week, DC Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee offered a simple solution for reducing homicide: “Keep violent people in jail.” 

Well we are hearing two very different stories. One from the chief of police who seems to be doing all the right thing by arresting 15 thousand people. While the Attorney’s office makes up excuses about unreliable forensic testing and body camera issues. If that has been the case, why did he never address such an issue with the chief of police so it could be resolved? What sounds like to the American people is, the prosecutors have not been doing their jobs and now they’re trying to blame it on the cops who have done their jobs in bringing in criminals, but those criminals continue to be let go by the DA office. The same problem we have in most democrat led cities. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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