TRUMP ARREST: NYC Braces For RIOTS, Courthouse Reinforced, Tucker Issues DIRE Warning 

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It looks like we are in for a wild ride, with 700 NYPD riot cops mobilized and steel barriers deployed ahead of an impending arrest for outgoing President Trump – but it doesn’t stop there. Comedian Chris Rock recently made a shocking statement to the crowd at a rally warning of the potential consequences if Trump was arrested – while Republican commentator Tucker Carlson had his own dire warning over a possible indictment. We have all the details here in this exclusive must-see report, as we edge closer to what is sure to be one of the most impactful political moments in United States history.

As part of preparation for civil disorder anticipated following the sham arrest of Donald Trump, the Manhattan Police Department (NYPD) has mobilized 700 riot officers and erected steel barricades around the Manhattan Criminal Court. 

Here’s video of the NYPD unloading the steel barricades outside of the Manhattan criminal court

While Democrats and the mainstream media are applauding the actions being taken against Trump, some high-profile figures are warning that Trump’s arrest is only going to benefit him.

During a performance in Washington DC, comedian Chris Rock commented that arresting Donald Trump would only make him more popular.

Several members of the Biden administration were in attendance at Rock’s appearance at a Mark Twain Prize awards ceremony, which honored Adam Sandler with the Mark Twain Prize.

Meanwhile, during his epic monologue Monday night, Tucker Carlson lashed out at the Democratic Party over the potential indictment of President Donald Trump and issued a dire warning for America.

In the end, he warned, indicting Trump and forcing him out of the race would mark the end of the American justice system.

The mobilization of 700 NYPD riot cops and the deployment of steel barriers ahead of a potential arrest of President Trump has sent shockwaves across our great nation. Chris Rock’s statement that arresting Trump will only serve to make him more popular than ever captures the urgency of this dire situation; our republic is teetering on the brink. It’s clear that if they Arrest Trump our political game will be forever changed, as Tucker Carlson warned; his urgent call for Americans, regardless of their stance on Trump, to take this very seriously in order to preserve our democracy was both jarring and powerful. The future of our republic hangs in the balance – it’s up to all of us to ensure our freedoms are not taken away.

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Next News Network Team

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