PRAY NOW: Top Christian Calls for URGENT Prayer Ahead of Trump Arrest, as NYC Court Gets Bomb Threat

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Reports of a bomb threat at the lower Manhattan court where Donald Trump’s $250 million lawsuit was set to be heard has the entire nation holding its breath! Christian leader, Franklin Graham, is calling on all Christians to join together in prayer for the former president as we learn a possible indictment is looming this Tuesday. The intensity is building and we have all the details in this must see report.

As Donald Trump’s impending indictment looms closer and closer, Christian leader Franklin Graham urged Americans to pray for him.

Besides serving as the President and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian relief organization, Graham is the son of famous evangelist Billy Graham. Over the years, he has preached and taught the Gospel around the world and participated in humanitarian projects.

In a Facebook post, Graham wrote, “We need to pray for our country and where it is headed. The left in Washington and across the country just can’t get their fill of attacking Donald Trump. They are so paranoid of him. The onslaught against him is continual.”

Trump has received a lot of support from Graham. In particular, he commended Trump’s policies and leadership on religious freedom, conservative values, and pro-life issues. Additionally, Graham supported Trump’s efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Graham continued his Facebook post, writing, “There’s no question, the media and the left manipulated the last election, and they are scared to death of Donald Trump’s possible return. So, night after night, the media runs negative stories about former President Trump. Now they’re talking about the possibility of arresting him in the hopes that this would prevent him from running for president again—this would be a huge mistake. The charges against him are definitely politically motivated.”

He concluded his post, saying, “I would like to ask Christians across this country to pray specifically for former President Donald J. Trump, that God’s hand would be upon him, protect him, and direct him in every step he takes—and that God’s will be done. We need to work together to strengthen this nation—not divide and destroy it.”

Meanwhile, New York Attorney General Letitia James’ $250 million lawsuit against Trump was about to begin when a bomb threat was called into a lower Manhattan court.

Authorities temporarily closed and searched the court following a 9-1-1 call. A number of bomb threats were made throughout the area, but they were all deemed unfounded.

In the meantime, here’s how the NYPD is preparing itself for protesters:

It will be the first time in US history that a former president has been arrested after leaving office if he is charged. Currently, he is the leading Republican presidential candidate in 2024.

The tension of the political landscape thickens as the news of former President Donald Trump’s impending indictment is finally becoming a reality. Christian leader, Franklin Graham, has called for all Christians to pray for the former president, as the near future could see a drastic change in the political situation if the current trends persist. With the threat of a bomb being called in at the very court holding the $250 million lawsuit hearing by Letitia James against the former president and his team on Tuesday morning – it becomes even more pressing to take the time now and intercede with God to provide protection and guidance during this trying time. We must remember that prayer only strengthens us and reveals the true power of our faith, confirming the spirit and steadfastness needed even amid turbulent.

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