EPIC: Sen. John Kennedy HUMILIATES Biden Judicial Nominee with One Question 

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In the latest move to expose the incompetence of President Biden’s judicial nominees, Senator John Kennedy once again proved his sharp wit and exceptional ability to ask the right questions. During a recent hearing, Kennedy posed a single question that left the Biden nominee stammering and unable to provide a clear answer. 

In his confirmation hearing testimony on Wednesday, Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., stumped Biden trial court nominee Kato Crews.

Kennedy asked Crews, who is a nominee for the Colorado District Court, how he would “analyze a Brady motion,” and Crews replied that he had not “had the occasion to address a Brady motion” during his four and a half years as a judge.

Then Kennedy asked Crews if he understood “what a Brady motion is.” Crews replied that he did not. 

Having never addressed the issue before, Crews admitted the concept was “not coming to mind. Kennedy then asked Crews if he was familiar with the case Brady v. Maryland. Crews said he had heard about the case, but when asked what it was about, he answered incorrectly – saying he thought it had something to do with the second amendment.

It is possible Crews believed Brady v. Maryland had to do with the Second Amendment because the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is a nationally known gun control organization.

Anyways, the Brady motion was established by the landmark Brady v. Maryland Supreme Court decision from 1963, in which the prosecution was required to hand over evidence likely to be favorable to the defense.

On Twitter, Senator Ted Cruz – who attended Harvard Law School – replied to the video of Senator KEnnedy grilling the judicial nominee, writing, “Wow. This is basic criminal procedure.  If a 1L gave this answer, he or she would flunk Criminal Law. But the Biden White House would then try to make you a federal judge….”

This is not the first time Senator Kennedy has stumped a judicial nominee this year. A couple of weeks ago, Kennedy quizzed another judicial nominee on Constitutional Articles V and II.

As Democrats continue to push through nominees who lack the qualifications and impartiality required for a seat on the bench, it is refreshing to see a conservative senator standing up for the rule of law and the American judiciary system. Senator John Kennedy’s questioning serves as a reminder that our nation’s judges must possess both competence and impartiality. As we move forward, let’s hope that Senator Kennedy and other Republicans keep up these efforts to ensure that our judiciary is filled with individuals who uphold the law, rather than politicians with a personal agenda.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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