Former BLM Activist Calls Out San Francisco’s “Insulting” Reparations Plan

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The left better watch out for one of the most dangerous things that could happen to them ― people actually thinking for themselves. That’s exactly what this former BLM protester did when it came down to reparations talks. He flipped the script, taking control of the conversation on a controversial topic and exposing the fallacies over left’s pond.

It seems that San Francisco’s much-hyped reparations plan is already running into some controversy. A former Black Lives Matter activist has called the city’s plan “unrealistic”, and accused lawmakers of being more focused on a decades-old issue than addressing the very real problem of homelessness in San Francisco today.

The New York Post reports, former BLM supporter Xaviaer DuRousseau, who now works for PragerU, which creates videos to promote conservative ideas, said that the costly handouts perpetuate “fraudulent narratives surrounding systemic racism.”

DuRousseau is referring to a city-appointed reparations committee that made 111 recommendations on Tuesday to San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, including a lump-sum payment of $5 million to all eligible blacks, a guarantee of $97,000 per year for 250 years, a removal of debt and tax burdens, and a $1 home.

This sweeping plan was put forth without a cost analysis, with the intention of redressing centuries of slavery and systemic racism, which supporters of the plan claim have denied generations of black citizens opportunities in most facets of their lives.

According to one estimate, the reparations scheme could cost the city, which has a budget of only $14 billion for 2022-2023, approximately $50 billion.

Stanford University’s Hoover Institution calculated that making reparations a reality would require each non-black family in the city to shell out at least $600,000.

Beyond the question of the plan’s economic feasibility, DuRousseau criticized San Francisco’s liberal politicians for being more concerned with a historic injustice than with a present-day crisis. Watch as he gives BLM a run for their money.

A decision regarding reparations will not be made until the Board of Supervisors releases its final report in June. Upon receiving the 111 recommendations, the board can change, adopt, or reject any or all of them.

DuRousseau is absolutely right, San-francisco is wasting precious time and resources on issues that could actually help their communities. If the community wants to address issues within the black community, how about talking about how they can reduce crime within those communities or how they can improve fatherless households instead of incentivising the opposite. More money will not fix their problems, it will exacerbate the issues and that’s not a prediction, it’s a promise.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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