House Freedom Caucus Claps Back: White House Claims ‘Preposterous’!

The House Freedom Caucus (HFC) is clapping back at the White House's 'preposterous' accusations, unveiling their own plan to put a ten-year freeze on federal spending.
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The House Freedom Caucus (HFC) is clapping back at the White House’s ‘preposterous’ accusations, unveiling their own plan to put a ten-year freeze on federal spending.

To the delight of Republicans everywhere, this conservative group is taking a stand against Biden’s failed leftist agenda and his out of control spending that is leading to dangerous levels of inflation and weakening the economy.

Daily Wire reports, according to the Freedom Caucus’s senior lawmaker, the White House’s criticisms of a budget cut proposal from the House Freedom Caucus are preposterous.

This month, the Biden administration proposed a budget framework that would increase spending from $5.8 trillion to $6.9 trillion and increase taxes on wealthy individuals and businesses. Conservative Republican House Freedom Caucus members countered with a proposal that would maintain discretionary spending at fiscal year 2022 levels for one decade and allow 1% annual growth.

When Karine Jean Pierre was asked about claims stating that Republicans wanted these negotiations to be held behind closed doors she responded with her usual talking points.

The release of the budget proposals coincides with negotiations between President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) over the debt ceiling, a measure established by Congress that prohibits the federal government from spending more than a statutory limit of $31.4 trillion. The Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned lawmakers earlier this year that she was forced to implement extraordinary measures to fund the government until early June, after which the government will default.

When their budget framework is accepted, members of the House Freedom Caucus may vote to raise the debt ceiling, as well as rescind the $400 billion White House student loan cancellation plan and the $80 billion recently allocated to double the size of the IRS, as well as unspent stimulus funds passed during the lockdown-induced recession. House Freedom Caucus demands were met by claims by the White House on Monday that the framework would “make our borders less secure” and “defund the police.”

The Daily Wire reported that Scott Perry (R-PA), House Freedom Caucus Chair, said the Biden administration’s rebuttal wasn’t a serious argument.

Perry commented “This White House has done more to endanger our law enforcement and the American People than any in history. Fear and smear isn’t a pillar of policy, It’s propaganda, and this latest tactic is a disgusting attempt to distract, deceive, and deny his record-setting incompetence surrendering operational control of our southern border to lawless drug cartels, sinking our economy, and ushering in debt and bank crises.”

Rising tensions have been building in Washington as the House Freedom Caucus and President biden clash over the budget. After Biden’s attempted implementation of tax hikes and increased spending, conservative lawmakers have hit back hard with their own proposal for a ten-year freeze on the budget. It has become clear that Biden’s leftist agenda has failed to account for our fragile economy and out of control spending, leading to inflationary effects across the board. The HFC aims to take a stand against biden and assert fiscal responsibility, but only one party can win this battle – let’s see who wins this struggle.

Next News Network Team

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