Sen. Tom Cotton Describes Biden’s Foreign Policy with 3 Words that’ll Make Uncle Sam Cry

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As America’s foreign policy is coming into focus under the Biden administration, it seems some lawmakers aren’t too thrilled with the direction it’s heading in. One of those lawmakers is Republican Senator Tom Cotton, who recently criticized Biden’s foreign policy initiatives in three searing words. 

A frustrated Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) accused President Biden of fecklessness in foreign policy, stating that he “has put a kick me sign on Uncle Sam’s back.”

While appearing on FOX News, Cotton commented on China’s attempts to become a diplomatic power broker, Biden’s appeasement of Russian President Vladimir Putin during his first year in office, and Saudi Arabia’s cozy relationship with Iran during Biden’s tenure.

In response to Martha MacCallum’s observation that John Kirby, the National Security Council’s coordinator for strategic communications, said Biden had no plans to speak to Jinping, Cotton said, “Again, this is what happens when you recede from the world.

Biden’s foreign policy initiatives have shown a lack of strength and resolve that sends a clear message to the world that America is a weak and vulnerable target. By undoing the progress made by the Trump administration, Biden has put our national security in peril and risked the safety of our allies. As we navigate the complex world of international relations, it’s crucial that our leaders have the backbone to stand up for what’s right and protect our interests at all costs.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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