SF Liberals Say Robbery’s Not a Problem

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If you live in a Democrat city, it’s time to wise up – complaining will get you nowhere. This message comes loud and clear from a former San Francisco Democratic candidate for district attorney. Embracing the idea of personal responsibility is the key; if you fail to prepare then don’t be surprised when unwelcome events transpire, such as robberies or theft. It’s your fault for getting in the way of the criminals trying to make a living. 

In a shocking display of lack of empathy, John Hamasaki, a former progressive candidate for San Francisco district attorney, recently downplayed the unfortunate experience of recent victims of a robbery in the city. It was reported that a substantial amount of personal items were stolen from someone’s car, yet Mr. Hamasaki seemed to trivialize the incident. He might as well have blamed the victim.

Town hall reports, the investor Snehal Antani revealed one of his team members was traumatized by the event, so they will conduct safety briefings before anyone goes to San Francisco.

Apparently there is an epidemic of smash-and-grab crimes in the city, with some residents leaving their trunks and windows open to deter would-be robbers.

Snehal tweeted, “A teammate visiting San Francisco for an offsite called me frantically last night. After dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf they came back to a smashed car window and 2 stolen backpacks. $10K in gear lost, passports gone, etc.”

He followed up with, “So now I need to include a pre-visit security brief to people traveling San Francisco. This is a big reason I’m hesitant to open an office in the city versus keeping a remote team and occasionally meeting up at a location to whiteboard.”

The former DA candidate saw this as an opportunity to belittle the victim and tweeted, “Is this what the suburbs do to you? Shelter you from basic city life experiences so that when they happen you are broken to the core?”

He proceeded and went even further to make it all about his experience. Claiming, “I’ve had my window broken 2x when I was living paycheck to paycheck. It sucked financially, but it had zero impact on my sense of public safety. I can’t even imagine the world one must live in where this would be the most traumatizing incident in their life.”

IMAGE5>>>As opposed to stopping and taking a breather, he continued. Belittling some little more: “Again, not to say it doesn’t suck. But maybe city life just isn’t for you. It’s not the suburbs. There is crime. I’m grateful most of it is property crime instead of violent crime. But I’ve always felt safe in San Francisco, even after being on the wrong side of violent crime.”

Obviously this kind of behavior that the failed DA Candidate would have worsened has been a normal daily occurrence. Also in the city, a CNN reporter described how her team was victimized by a smash-and-grab despite having security around. Although the security guard failed to catch the robbers, he was able to take a photo of their getaway vehicle.

She tweeted with a video saying, “San Francisco is a beautiful city. This is our 3rd day here and I’ve loved my time here. But if you do visit this city, know that even with hired security watching your car, it is not enough.”

If the city of San Francisco didn’t have an awful DA already, I would say the city of San Francisco dodged a major bullet on the narcissistic candidate. Simply imagine if this individual had been the current DA, he would be telling everyone to embrace the crime while behind his private government security. 

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Next News Network Team

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