Republicans: Biden’s Budget “Secure” Borders? “This Must Be A Joke!”

Republicans are outraged by Joe Biden's false claim that his proposed budget will keep US borders "secure."
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Republicans are outraged by Joe Biden’s false claim that his proposed budget will keep US borders “secure.”

In a historic display of indignation, the Republican Party has condemned this piece of fake news as disingenuous rhetoric meant to downplay an extremely serious situation.

Breitbart reports, after President Joe Biden attacked House Republicans and claimed his budget secures the American borders, Republican officials ridiculed him, accusing him of disseminating “misinformation” and fabricating a total outright lie.

In a Tuesday tweet, the Democratic president stated “MAGA House Republicans put out extreme budget proposals that would eliminate funding for over 2,000 border patrol agents – undermining our ability to combat drug trafficking. My budget keeps our borders secure while expanding legal pathways for migrants seeking asylum.”

GOP House members responded by highlighting how the administration’s policies have deliberately created the “most illegal border crossings” in U.S. history in response to the president’s “misinformation.”

In addition, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna sent out a video that cut to the core of the issue.

Joe Biden’s agenda of ensuring secure US borders has been met with outrage and disbelief by Republican lawmakers. Dubbed “fake news” and derided as “disingenuous,” Biden’s cornerstone budget proposal to stymie the border crisis is seen as a laughably misguided attempt to distract from an otherwise disastrous historically high inflation rate that continues to cripple the US economy. How Biden thinks it will benefit anyone other than himself is beyond comprehension, leaving Republicans astonished at what they’ve already labeled as the lie of the century.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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