Stanford Places DEI Administrator On Leave Over Incident With Federal Judge

Controversy abounds at Stanford Law as their entitled Diversity and Equity Officer found herself on leave due to a major incident.
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Controversy abounds at Stanford Law as their entitled Diversity and Equity Officer found themselves on leave due to a major incident.

On camera, the DEI administrator attempted to confront a Federalist Judge in what can only be characterized as disrespectful and shameful, now justice is being served.

Townhall reports, the associate dean of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Stanford Law has been placed on leave after she was filmed interrupting a recent lecture by federal judge Kyle Duncan, who was being heckled by students.

Earlier this month, the incident occurred at an event hosted by the school’s Federalist Society. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals judge asked DEI administrator Tirien Steinbach to intervene, but she joined in, accusing him of causing harm.

According to Martinez, she apologized to Duncan in a detailed letter released on Wednesday. “to acknowledge that his speech was disrupted in ways that undermined his ability to deliver the remarks he wanted to give to audience members who wanted to hear them, as a result of the failure to ensure that the university’s disruption policies were followed. That apology, and the policy it defends, is fully consistent with the First Amendment and the Leonard Law.”

A mandatory educational program on freedom of speech and “the norms of the legal profession” will be offered to all students going forward, Martinez said, as opposed to disciplinary action against specific protesters.

A more comprehensive policy with “clear protocols for dealing with disruptions” is something they will strive to adopt and educate faculty, students, and staff about in the future.

The entitled behavior of the Diversity and Equity Officer from Stanford Law has caused a stir in the legal community. By disrupting a judge’s lecture and engaging in what can only be described as a childish display, this person has undermined the agenda of the Federalist Society and displayed a complete lack of respect for federal power. Such shameful antics are further indicative of a mob mentality that is increasingly curbed by entitlement among some groups. Stanford Law must take serious action to ensure this type of entitled worldview is not rewarded–any failure to do so would set an unacceptable double standard in our justice system.

Next News Network Team

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