Biden EPA Chief Wants to Hire Hundreds of ‘Environmental Justice’ Bureaucrats

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The Biden Admin’s agenda for ‘Environmental Justice’ includes hiring 265 new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) bureaucrats and, if approved, will cost taxpaying Americans $375 million. 

Is Biden’s agenda fueled by a genuine passion for our planet or is it merely another manufactured crisis giving rise to an agenda of control over the people?

Daily caller reports, EPA Administrator Michael Regan requested $375 million and 265 new full-time employees for “environmental justice” in his Wednesday testimony before the Senate Committee on Environmental and Public Works.

According to Regan, the EPA established the Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights (EJECR) in September and is now seeking an influx of cash to expand those efforts through support for community organizations. The newly proposed budget would approximately double the amount of funding the agency provides for civil rights issues, with one-third of the funds going to grants to outside groups.

Originally, the funding request was included in the agency’s budget proposal for 2024.

In the FY 2024 Budget, the Agency will develop, manage, and award new competitive grants to reduce the historically disproportionate health impacts of pollution in communities with environmental justice concerns.

A total of $3 billion in environmental justice grants will already be distributed by the EJECR to minority and low-income communities, which the EPA believes have been disproportionately affected by pollution.

Biden’s cronies were in full swing defending the President’s budget requests.

Fox news reports, this week, President Joe Biden’s top Cabinet secretaries will be summoned to Capitol Hill to defend his $6.8 trillion budget proposal in front of a divided Congress and a skeptical GOP majority in the House looking to cut spending.

During GOP-led House hearings, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen are likely to face partisan fireworks while also attending lines of inquiry that are likely to be more reserved in the Senate, which is dominated by Democrats.

Biden’s plans to tax corporations and wealthy Americans $3 trillion would hurt the economy, while billions of dollars dedicated to progressive policy points are out of step with families suffering from inflation. Biden’s budget is projected to reduce the deficit over the next decade, which has been hailed by Democrats.

The Biden Administration’s push for hundreds of ‘Environmental Justice’ bureaucrats is indicative of agenda-driven inflationary spending in the name of a manufactured crisis. American taxpayers are now expected to bear the cost of an agenda to control our economy and environment, under the guise of protecting societal issues like environmental justice. Questions must be asked about how effective bureaucrats can really be at protecting our planet, rather than blindly accepting this disingenuous spending spree as solely beneficial. With such a rabid mob mentality arising around this issue too, one wonders where the line between genuine environmental protection and social engineering should be drawn.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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