Shock Report: Most Young Americans UNFIT for Military Service

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The thought of America being crippled militarily due to a lack of young adults is a reality that we might face. We know all too well of those terrifying nightmares that keep us awake at night. Even worse, it’s a statistic our enemies undoubtedly know and can use against us in an attempt to overpower us and take away our precious freedoms and liberties. A solution must be found especially in these vulnerable times. 

The Department of Defense recently released a report that is cause for concern. According to the study, up to 74 percent of Americans between the ages of 17-24 cannot meet the military standards to serve their country. Revealing a severe vulnerability in our nation’s national security in these pressing times.

Big League Politics reports, during a congressional hearing on February 16, the Defense Department report highlighted that 77% of Americans in the aforementioned age group don’t meet the physical qualifications for military service.

An increase of 6% over 2017 is represented by this figure.

In part, obesity contributes to the alarming rate of young Americans who are unfit for military service. ZeroHedge’s Tyler Durden noted in 2020 that obesity had reached roughly 42%.

Lieutenant General Xavier Brunson told The Spokesman-Review of Spokane in Washington that, “Some of the challenges we have are obesity, we have pre-existing medical conditions, we have behavioral health problems, we have criminality, people with felonies, and we have drug use.”

The general made the statement after the US military was unable to meet its recruit recruitment goals in 2022. There has been a problem with recruitment in all branches of the US military – the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy. As a result, some US policymakers consider obesity a national security threat.

The military has started a program to help with this, which could have prevented it.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity poses a security threat to the United States. In the United States, roughly 20% of children and 40% of adults are obese, according to the CDC.

As of 2020, 19% of active-duty service members may suffer from obesity, which represents a 16% increase from 2015.

The US military is revising its fitness requirements for several positions in response to the growing obesity problem, especially positions that don’t require candidates to have strong physical skills, such as technology jobs.

More proactive steps need to be taken to prevent this sort of dilemma from happening. If America continues on this trajectory of unqualified young adults, very soon we won’t have a country to defend. We are at the brink of WWIII and this should not be the leading international headline our enemies fight for.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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