Fetterman Stunt Double?! Look at these Photos and Decide For Yourself!

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If you thought Hollywood was the only place for stunt doubles, think again. It seems Pennsylvania’s newly-elected Senator John Fetterman might have a look-alike who’s been doubling for him, or, his appearance has drastically changed in a matter of a year due to his stroke and depression. Recently, alleged photos of Fetterman went viral, raising suspicions that perhaps it wasn’t the man himself in the pictures. 

Five weeks after being admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center, a photo of Pennsylvania’s Democratic Sen. John Fetterman began making the rounds on Friday.

Fetterman was admitted to Walter Reed to be treated for depression in mid-February. This was his second hospitalization that month since he was admitted earlier due to feeling lightheaded.

His second trip to the facility was far more serious as it was reported that he was diagnosed with “clinical depression.”

Friday, Fetterman was released from the hospital after weeks without much news of his recovery. Immediately following his release, an old photo of him began circulating online that left people speechless.

Newsweek reported that some wondered if Fetterman was replaced by a body double after seeing two side-by-side photos. 

On Twitter, Juanita Broaddrick tweeted, “I think a DNA sample is in order, here.  LOL.  That’s not Fetterman on the right.”

Brigitte Gabriel commented, “I’m not one to push conspiracy theories, but John Fetterman’s face looks totally different.”

Catturd tweeted, “It’s a miracle … In only 3 weeks, John Fetterman got a total head replacement. Man, he has some good doctors.”

And another Twitter user added, “Introducing the new Fetterman.”

Even though this photo of John in a gray hoodie is a year old and was taken before his most recent medical setbacks, it shows how much Fetterman has changed since his stroke and clinical depression diagnosis. In a video from Fetterman’s wife from May of last year, the senator is wearing the same clothing as in the disputed photo.

Nevertheless, such a conspiracy theory about Fetterman having some sort of stunt double can’t surprise anyone. Fetterman’s senate office has been far from transparent about his real health status for much of the last two months. The Republican Party in the state even called for an update to confirm Fetterman was still alive so that he may continue to serve.

We cannot ignore the possibility that there may be some shady tactics to get the job done going on behind the scenes, given that Fetterman seems to be in a very dark place right now. A leader and their team who lacks the transparency and honesty to present themselves truthfully to the public raises serious concerns. We deserve a transparent government, with leaders who hold themselves to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. In the end, it’s up to us, the voters, to carefully scrutinize and question the actions and motives of those who seek to represent us.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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