Biden’s Choice for FAA Administrator Withdrawn After Heavy Opposition

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President Biden is already making a name for himself and not necessarily in the best way. He’s going down in history as having some of the worst cabinet nominations, we have never seen a person want the title of THE WORST president. It almost seems as if he’s doing it intentionally just to make former President Jimmy Carter look good. His advisers should remind him that it’s a marathon not a spring; because he is sure is running away with that title.

It was a quick-moving chain of events that culminated on Saturday evening with Phillip Washington, President Joe Biden’s pick to lead the Federal Aviation Administration, announcing his withdrawal from consideration after it became clear he lacked the required votes for Senate confirmation. This hiccup continues the Biden streak of failures to appoint qualified individuals to important positions.

The Washington Examiner reports,Senate Republicans criticized Denver International Airport CEO Phillip Washington’s credentials in aviation safety as well as potential legal entanglements since he was nominated eight months ago.

In a tweet late Saturday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg confirmed Washington’s withdrawal, blaming his failure on “partisan attacks and procedural obstruction.”

According to a White House official, the administration will seek a new FAA leader. The FAA has been without a Senate-confirmed leader since March 2022, when then-FAA Administrator Steve Dickson stepped down less than halfway through his five-year term.

In spite of the fact that Biden nominated Washington last July, he has yet to receive a committee hearing. Washington, who ran transit agencies in Denver and Los Angeles, has only served as chief executive of Denver International Airport for less than two years. It is the only aviation experience he has. He was a member of the 46th president’s transition team for the Transport Department, including the FAA, and is a close ally of Biden’s.

Republicans opposed Washington over his resume and concerns that his name could appear in Los Angeles corruption probe search warrants. He denied wrongdoing and said he was not contacted by law enforcement.

Here is Senator Cruz slamming the nominee.

The nominee knew he stood no chance in getting confirmed, knowing he had no background in aviation. The Biden Administration knew this yet still nominated the man who was also under corruption investigation. Tell me Biden isn’t running away with the worst president trophy without telling me? It does not get any better than this.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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