Miserable Millionaires of The View Lecture Americans on Happiness

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What is worse than being accused of having too much privilege and greed? Hearing it from those living in their million dollar mansions. Unfortunately, that is one of the main themes The View has become known for – wealthy people pointing a finger at average Americans and labeling us over privileged and spoiled.

The heated discussion on The View this past week was about whether or not America can learn from Finland, which was jokingly named the happiest country in the world. While comparisons are natural, it didn’t feel insulting because it was insulting as these women suggested Americans be more like the Finns and surrender to socialism.

Newsbuster reports, on ABC’s The View, miserable millionaires lectured average Americans about their greed and excess on Friday. During the show, the cast said Americans needed to “get rid of possessions” and pay higher taxes so that they could live a happy life as Finnish people do or as monks who meditate after being imprisoned do.

Joy Behar read from a study that Finland was supposedly the happiest country in the world. Consequently, both Behar and Sunny Hostin agreed that “no one is happy here in America.”

Hostin attributed it to Finland’s socialist policies and their positive treatment of immigrants, which allowed them to stay in their homes all day.

Let’s watch as they celebrate the Fins>>>

After that, Behar read a testimonial from an anonymous Fin.


However, none of the cast committed to giving up their millions of dollars worth of possessions.

It’s always the wealthy who paint the idea of socialist as though it’s the best, when they’re at the top. It’s easy to be miserable when you’re rich and complain about how hard your life is while on a show compared to the rest of us people who like to work for what we have.Finland isn’t the most diverse country that everyone flocks to and has lifted millions out of poverty. If you love Finland so much, do us all a favor and move there. We all know that will increase our happiness ten folds..

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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