HUMILIATING SCENE: Hot Mic Catches Biden being Guided by Handler Talking to Him as If He Were a Kid

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The embarrassing truth about Joe Biden’s mental and physical state continues to unfold. In a recent event, a hot mic caught his handler guiding him like a child, directing him where to walk and stand.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden visited a semiconductor plant in Durham, North Carolina and as soon as he arrived at the plant, he needed guidance. In a hot mic moment, one of his handlers was caught giving Biden basic instructions on how to walk and where to stand.

Responses to the clip began flooding Twitter. Here are some of those reactions:

One user wrote, “Imagine if he didn’t have people guiding him, no notecards and had to speak from his own mind. I just want to see him try that one time.”

Another said, “This is the guy that has Nuclear Launch codes as a reminder to everyone.”

Another commented, “@potus has to be told where to stand.  We are beyond the point of no return.”

And this person quipped: “Will I get an ice cream cone after this?” Handler: “Yes, sir. You’ve done such a good job”

After delivering remarks, Biden then wandered away from the podium, looking lost until one of his handlers pointed him in the right direction and ushered him away.

Townhall shared the clip adding, “Where would Joe Biden be without his handlers?”

This humiliating scene leaves us again questioning Biden’s capability to lead this country, as it’s not the first time he’s gotten lost or confused after a speech. The United States deserves a leader who can think and speak for themselves, making decisions that benefit the entire nation, not just a select few. The evidence of Joe Biden’s dependency on handlers and his mental decline is becoming harder to ignore, and it raises vital concerns about his ability to hold the highest office in our land.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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