Ex-Rep. Kinzinger: Adoration of Trump like Jesus is Alarming

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Adam Kinzinger is not done when it comes to his personal vendetta against one of the greatest Presidents America has ever had.

Adam Kinzinger the now former disgraced Illinois Congressman has apparently taken to warning people that Trump is not Jesus.

Breitbart Reports, The Republican party is at a crossroads. After former President Donald Trump’s tumultuous four years in office and his subsequent impeachment, the GOP is struggling to define its identity. On one side stands Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), a vocal critic of the former president who has been outspoken in his opposition to Trump’s rhetoric and policies. On the other side are those who remain loyal to Trump and his brand of politics. As Republicans attempt to navigate this divide, it is important to consider both sides of the argument before making any decisions about the future of the party.

In an interview with Breitbart News on March 27th, 2023, Kinzinger expressed his concerns about what he called “the Jesus movement” within the Republican party that was loyal to Trump and had embraced conspiracy theories. He argued that this movement was a real threat to America because it was based on lies and misinformation. He also warned that if Republicans continued down this path, they would be alienating moderate voters who could have otherwise been won over by more sensible policies.

Kinzinger stated during the interview “I’ll say this to my fellow Republicans and Christians is beware of false prophets. And I mean that very sincerely because what you have now is this kind of Trump as Jesus movement, I’m calling it. Where there are people comparing, you know, Jesus being crucified and rising in three days to this allegation from Alvin Bragg, and I’m serious. This is what’s happening out there. So you know, it’s very effective. I mean, half of the Texas delegation has already endorsed Donald Trump.

Kinzinger’s views have been echoed by many other prominent Republicans who have criticized Trump for his divisive rhetoric and policies. In a Politico article from March 1st, 2023, Kinzinger announced an ad campaign aimed at combating extremism within the GOP by highlighting stories of people who had been hurt by Trump’s actions or rhetoric. The campaign was intended to show how damaging these extreme views can be for both individuals and society as a whole.

There will be a quarter million dollars spent on the nationwide campaign, including TV, digital, billboards, and guerilla marketing. Shorter versions of the video will also be shown.

People have been spotted wearing the all-white costumes from the video around Capitol Hill as an example of Kinzinger’s “performance art.” It was also meant to draw attention to the fact that many lawmakers on Capitol Hill are just looking for social media opportunities instead of trying to meet the needs of their constituents, according to the former congressman.

Despite these efforts from Kinzinger and others, many Republicans still remain loyal to Trump and his brand of politics. These supporters argue that Trump brought much needed attention to issues such as immigration reform and economic growth which were neglected under previous administrations. They also point out that despite all of his flaws, Trump managed to win presidential elections which proves that there is still strong support for him among Republican voters. 

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