Dems Use Abortions to Peddle Military National Security Agenda

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It’s an absolute disgrace to see the Senate Democrats shamelessly pretend to care so deeply about our brave servicemen and women in uniform after they have done everything in their power to weaken them. After only two years of complete control they have managed to put our country at major risk, you’d think the Senate Democrats would be embarrassed for what they’re doing they are now rallying behind it, simply because it is politically convenient for their agenda.

The Department of Defense is seeing great success and growth in its new reproductive healthcare policies, as praised by a vast majority of Senate Democrats. The leaders are applauding the work the department has done in granting service women the “right” to kill their babies as a matter of national security.

The Washington Examiner reports, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, wrote a new letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Monday. A total of 34 Democratic colleagues and two independents caucused with her. In the wake of Roe v. Wade’s reversal by the Supreme Court last year, they argued that Austin’s efforts to make abortion accessible to service members and spouses must continue.

During mid-February, Austin directed several policy changes, including allowing women in the service to have their travel expenses paid and receive three weeks of leave to have an out-of-state abortion. Following the court’s ruling, about a dozen Republican-led states enacted laws limiting abortion access.

Democrats said the new regulations were “encouraging”, while Republican colleagues denounced them.

Here is what the pentagon had to say about this when they announced the new measure months ago.

The Senate Democrats said, “We are encouraged by your new travel and transportation, and administrative leave policies in support of reproductive health care, including abortion, and we urge you to consider the availability of such care when considering the unique vulnerabilities service members face in deployments, military recruitment and retention efforts and U.S. military basing decisions. State laws restricting or prohibiting our service members from accessing reproductive care send a message that the United States does not trust those who serve in uniform — whom we trust to protect our country — to make their own decisions about their health care and families.”

A Rand study published in September 2022 found that approximately 40% of female U.S. service members do not have access to abortion services where they live or are stationed after the Supreme Court’s ruling. Nearly 80,000 female service members serve in states that restrict abortion or will soon restrict abortion.

Approximately 40% of female U.S. service members have limited access to abortion services where they live or are stationed since the Supreme Court’s ruling, according to a Rand study published in September 2022. Roughly 80,000 female service members serve in states that have implemented or will soon implement additional abortion restrictions.

Both parties have stuck to their abortion positions regarding the Pentagon’s reaction to Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

For a military that’s supposed to emphasize personal responsibility to our men and  women who serve, this attempt to promote abortion for the 80,000 females does the complete opposite. Our leaders should warn military service members to be extra cautious because of the un-predictive nature of military life. Not only that, if abortion services are promoted within the military we will surely see an uptick in assaults on military bases.The military should be encouraging personal responsibility, not the opposite.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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