Biden’s Re-Election Hopes Fading Fast & Only One Person’s to Blame

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Ever since President Biden took office, the news has been nothing but bad for his administration. From rapidly declining approval ratings because of awful policies, it seems the wheels of government have fallen off as they desperately grasp at straws to try and improve their favorability with the American people before 2024 rolls in.

Biden, who was hoping to continue his White House agenda in March without the hiccups of 2023, has again taken a dive in Gallup’s job approval poll. Biden’s re-election hopes are quickly dwindling.

Town Hall reports, Biden is not only underwater in the public opinion — just 40% of Americans approve of his overall performance as president, while 56 percent disapprove, and four percent have no opinion — but Americans have turned against his administration for failing to deal with a long list of crises.

Updated poll numbers indicate Biden is also underwater when it comes to Americans’ approval of some of the president’s policies, which he emphasized during his first term but failed to address proactively.

A mere 38 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of foreign affairs, 43 percent approve of his handling of environmental issues, 38 percent approve of his energy policy, and only 32 percent approve of his economic policies.

We’re not saving the planet, restoring American relations with other countries, or building back better – all things Biden said we’d accomplish if Americans allowed “adults” to rule. Rather than delivering results, Biden has failed. The American people know this as well.

Gallup noted the president’s approval rating is now just 40 percent in March, down two points from last month. Biden has not polled above 44 percent since the summer of 2021.

Fox took the number even further.

It’s honestly shocking that 38% of Americans approve of the job Biden’s doing. Those must be some democrats who are either rich or love to suffer. There is no way anyone could possibly be happy with the way their life’s going. If Biden is smart he will retire to his basement because a 2024 re-election isn’t happening. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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