CBP Data Reveals How Bad Biden’s Border Crisis Is

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The Biden administration has a long two year history of hiding important data to protect themselves and it looks like their failed border policies may finally be revealed with cold hard stats that prove just how bad things are. As citizens, we must fight for transparency so the American people know what’s really happening at our Southern border and that’s what town hall managed to do for us.

Data obtained by Townhall from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has painted an alarming picture of the Biden administration’s approach to illegal immigration. According to the data, the number of individuals who were able to avoid apprehension at America’s borders has surged dramatically since Biden took office.

Town Hall reports, this data, which shows the number of got-aways starting in January 2021, is brutal for the Biden administration, which has long claimed the border is open and under construction.

There were 9,531 got-away cases reported by CBP in January 2021. In the months following Joe Biden’s election, the number grew to 60,000-79,000.

For fiscal year 2023, there were 64,573 get-aways recorded for October 2022. Despite the colder weather, 72,102 illegal immigrants avoided arrest by law enforcement in December.

The reason for so many got-aways is that Border Patrol agents are swamped with hundreds of illegal immigrants who want to turn themselves in to be processed and released. The Mexican cartels use this tactic to smuggle in people who don’t want to be caught since law enforcement has to deal with large groups of people.

Got-aways are tracked using technology, such as sensors and cameras, and by agents on the ground. 

It’s not only the country’s southern border that has witnessed an increase in illegal crossings. The U.S.-Canada border and the coastal borders of Florida and Puerto Rico continue to see an increase in encounters.

Despite these numbers being achieved, Mayorkas refused to respond to Sen. Crus’ grill yesterday regarding the border crisis.

One illegal immigrant get-way is too many, nonetheless 9 thousand at the end of President Trump’s term. However, the 60 thousand got-aways the Biden administration has been averaging is terrifying. Our cities are being invaded yet this administration doesn’t respect us enough to tell us the truth when we can clearly see it for ourselves. These are impeachment like numbers.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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