Joe Biden’s Incompetence – The World Is Laughing At Us

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Ever since Joe Biden took office, his incompetence has become painfully clear. From his embarrassing gaffes to his disastrous policies, it’s no wonder why the American people are growing increasingly frustrated with this administration.

Canadians are known to be overly polite, to everyone, all the time. To any who have friends from up north, it can be overwhelming at times. However if you are the President of the United States that politeness has limits. 

Daily wire reports, the most recent example of Biden’s ineptitude came during a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. During the meeting, Biden made several missteps that had the roomful of Canadians laughing at him. As Senator Ted Cruz put it, “How bad do you have to screw up to have a roomful of Canadians laughing at you?”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only instance of Biden’s incompetence. He has also failed to deliver on many of his campaign promises, such as providing relief for struggling Americans and creating jobs. According to a recent Fox News poll, only 37% of Americans approve of how he is handling the economy – an alarming statistic considering how much money he has spent in an attempt to stimulate growth.

Biden’s lack of leadership has also led to chaos along our southern border. His open-border policies have encouraged thousands of migrants from Central America and Mexico to make the dangerous journey northward in search of a better life – resulting in hundreds of deaths along the way. It is clear that these policies are not working and that something needs to be done immediately if we want to prevent more tragedies from occurring.

Perhaps one of the most concerning aspects about Joe Biden is his willingness to bow down to special interests groups instead of standing up for what is right for America. From appeasing China by rolling back tariffs on their exports, to allowing radical left-wing organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter free reign over our cities – it seems like he will do anything just so he can avoid making tough decisions or upsetting powerful lobbies.

At this point it is safe to say that Joe Biden has proven himself as one of the most incompetent presidents in modern history – and yet he still continues on with business as usual despite all evidence pointing towards failure. It is time for us as citizens to demand better from our leaders and hold them accountable when they fail us so egregiously. We cannot allow ourselves or our country be dragged down any further by someone who clearly does not have what it takes lead us into a brighter future.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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