Joe Bidenopoulos: Who is the Mystery Greek-American

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Joe Bidenopoulos has become an integral part of the political landscape half a century on, thanks to his support among the Greek community in Wilmington, Delaware. 

But what appears to be a heartfelt gesture maintains a hint of scandal and corruption that has been looming since President Joe Biden’s first bid to the Senate back then.

Daily Wire reports. What is the identity of this Greek American? According to a legend told by President Joe Biden himself, the Greek community of Wilmington, Delaware, overwhelmingly supported his first Senate bid half a century ago, and gave him the honorary nickname.

Here are a couple of things that stand out with Biden’s latest remarks.

First we know that anytime Biden says, “You think I’m kidding?” or “Not a joke,” then the president is usually not being square with his audience.

Furthermore, one might be tempted to attribute this anecdote to Biden’s age, but history shows otherwise.

On the campaign trail in Ohio, Biden made the exact same joke several facelifts and a few brain cells ago to a group of diners.

He’s made similar claims on numerous occasions, so this one can’t be blamed on senility like every other weird ethnic joke. It’s just Joe being Joe – which means he’s always been a blowhard.

While Joe Biden is attempting to make jokes about being in tune with other cultures, he is firmly not aware of the impact he is making to our culture.

Fox News reports, America, if your kids overdose on fentanyl, President Biden will laugh about it to score cheap political points.

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene blasted Joe Biden for his mishandling of the southern border and allowing fentanyl to come pouring across.

Greene was discussing Kiessling, who  testified before Congress Recently about her two sons, Caleb and Kyler, who died in 2020 after taking painkillers that they were unaware were laced with fentanyl. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., later said that Kiessling’s sons passed as a result of Biden’s handling of the southern border crisis, but the deaths occurred a few months before he was sworn in.

Biden replied to Greene’s statement by laughing at the mother, who lost her two sons.

The Joe Bidenopoulos myth seemingly lies buried in the political graveyard, having survived a mere 50 years of life. After decades of the President’s ramblings about his experiences with the ‘nickname’, accompanied by increasing corruption, inflation, scandal and what some have deemed dementia, it appears that the Joe Bidenopoulos story may not have been an entirely truthful one. Within this context, it is sad to see what was once an honorable nickname has now become clouded with lingering questions around its validity and legitimacy. The reverberations of this ongoing saga will undoubtedly stretch into the future as we attempt to make sense of Joe Bidenopoulos.

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