Chipotle Becomes Warzone Over Cheese Demands in Shocking Incident!

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Hold onto your carnitas, folks – Cheese-Gate has officially taken over a Chipotle in Ohio! In a scene straight out of a crime thriller, customers were caught on camera threatening to resort to drastic measures unless their demands for extra cheese were met. Crimestoppers Ohio is on the lookout, as surveillance footage reveals angry diners holding Chipotle employees hostage until all cheesy orders were fulfilled. 

Columbus police were alerted to a robbery alarm in the city’s Brewery District on March 28. According to Napoleon Bell, president of Crimestoppers Ohio, two customers at Chipotle were apparently not satisfied with the extra cheese they received and decided to take out their rage on a restaurant worker. However, they clearly hadn’t planned this heist as well as they thought because Crime Stoppers responded quickly by releasing surveillance video of the incident — so watch out! If you know anything about it or if you recognize these hungry and disgruntled criminals, Crimestoppers Ohio is on the lookout and ready for your anonymous tips.

Customers already upset about one thing quickly became more irate when they were denied their extra cheese craving. But matters only got worse as two suspects cornered an employee and began a vicious fight, even going so far as to brandish a gun with the other suspect pushing them to ‘shoot them’. Thankfully, their plans of destruction came up short when the gun malfunctioned, but not before flipping chairs and tossing trash cans in the restaurant. To top off this chaos-filled night, they also made off with someone’s cellphone before finally leaving without their precious extra cheese. Anyone with any information leading to the arrest or indictment of the persons responsible for these malfeasance is asked to contact Central Ohio Crime Stoppers who are offering a cash reward.

It’s hard to believe that things could turn so sour over extra cheese at Chipotle. As security footage of the altercation circulates on social media and news outlets, it serves as a reminder of how far people will go when it comes to their condiments. This incident is a wake-up call for customers everywhere: take it easy on the cheese if you don’t want your lunch date to end in chaos! Thankfully, Central Ohio Crime Stoppers is doing their part to ensure justice is served by offering a cash reward for any public information leading to an arrest or indictment related to the incident. All in all, this situation is a good reminder that condiments should never be taken lightly!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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