Trump Gets Hero’s Welcome as He Arrives in NYC for the Fight of His Life as MTG Plots MASSIVE Rally

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Floridians gave Donald Trump a rousing send-off before his arraignment in New York City on Tuesday, with supporters lining the route from Mar-a-Lago to Palm Beach International Airport as he prepared to depart. He arrived at Trump Tower in Manhattan amid cheers and waving flags, flashing his usual smile and wave of acknowledgment to the cheering crowd. In stark contrast, Marjorie Taylor Greene announced her own plans for a rally outside of Trump Tower on the day of the proceedings – but will their combined support be enough? Keep your eyes peeled as this drama unfolds!

Former President Donald Trump departed Florida on Monday headed for his arraignment in New York City, and a crowd of supporters lined the streets to give him a send-off. Along the way from Mar-a-Lago to Palm Beach International Airport were words of encouragement and a show of solidarity with signs and chants as security measures were heightened. The charges brought against Trump in New York City is his latest legal challenge with Democrats, setting off an acrimonious debate between both parties.

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, made a brief appearance at Trump Tower in Manhattan on Tuesday, smiling and waving at his supporters as he arrived. The moment was captured by @NJEGmedia and obtained by the Post Millennial. Amidst a cacophony of chanting “We Love Trump” from his supporters and NYPD choppers flying overhead, slogans were shouted among the crowd with a mantra which is interpreted as “Let’s Go Brandon!” While tension hung heavy in the air around the tower due to protesters railing against Biden’s Administration, for those in spirit with President Trump, it was an uplifting moment of solidarity.

And, it never fails – whatever Donald Trump does or chooses not to do, the media can find some way to sensationalize it. In this case, CNN chose to “psychoanalyze” Trump’s behavior when he stepped off the plane, suggesting that his lack of theatrics is proof of how somber he is about this experience.

When did wiggling fingers while exiting a plane become the new sign of gravitas? Perhaps furrowing your brow and giving a sad puppy look would have painted a clearer picture? Don’t be fooled, Republican voters. There is a purpose to this reporting by CNN because they want you to support Biden without hesitation.

And now Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has made a call for action to support former President Donald Trump as he faces arraignment in New York City on Tuesday. To show her solidarity, she is organizing a rally at Collect Pond Park at 10:30 AM on the same day. In addition to supporting Trump, she has suggested that attendees wear MAGA hats if possible. Despite no longer being in office, it appears that Trump still has a vocal base of supporters who are eager to express their loyalty for him and champion against his alleged political persecution.

As Donald Trump flew out of Palm Beach, the supportive send-off from his Floridian constituents made it clear: no matter the outcome of the arraignment in New York City, he had already established himself as not only a powerful figure, but a man beloved by many. The polar opposite of his warm flight away and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s rally planned to coincide with it highlight the division in America driving by an unending stream of which hunts designed to derail our beloved president’s efforts. Judging from yesterday’s events and those on the horizon, this political battle is set to be fought not only on Capitol Hill, but in cities throughout America, starting today in New York City.

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