MUST SEE Don Jr Issues Warning To America After Trump Arrest Judge Set To Make UNPRECEDENTED Ruling

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In a must see video that has been circulating widely on social media, Donald Trump Jr has issued a warning to the American people following news that an arrest judge is about to make an unprecedented ruling in relation to his father, former President Donald Trump. Talk is growing as to what this latest development could mean for the future of the country. Whatever the outcome may be, it certainly looks like this unfolding drama isn’t over yet.

Former President Donald Trump is set to appear in court today, and his legal team believes the Manhattan judge will issue a gag order that would bar him from mentioning his arrest. This means Trump could potentially miss out on delivering a much-anticipated speech he has planned for this evening at Mar-a-Lago. While speculation about the gag order continues to rise among political watchers and experts, it’s worth noting how Donald Trump Jr is reacting to the news—in true Trump fashion. The former president’s oldest son shared a must-see video accusing Democrats of trying to silence his father; a video that may become even more relevant if a gag order is indeed issued against Donald Trump today.

If a gag order is imposed on Donald Trump regarding his arrest, he would not be able to talk about the incident publicly. Breaking the order could potentially result in him facing harsh legal consequences of either a thirty day jail sentence or be made to pay up to $1000 fine, according to the laws of New York.

Tonight’s speech from former President Donald Trump, set to take place at Mar-a-Lago, is hotly anticipated. Jason Miller, one of Trump’s advisors, had stated that the former president would be flying from a New York arraignment straight to Florida for the 8:15 PM address. Unfortunately, if a gag order is imposed by New York prosecutors, the speech may be canceled and Trump Jr. is spot on – America has become a banana republic.

It is difficult to tell what potential impact this order has on future speeches and events by the ex-president. All we can do now is wait and see how this unfolds in due course.

Joe Tacopina, the attorney for former President Donald Trump, made clear ahead of the upcoming court appearance slated for Tuesday that his client is eagerly preparing to plead not guilty. Appearing Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union with host Dana Bash, Tacopina commented in response to a question about a potential mugshot of Trump that he would “loudly and proudly” enter a plea of not guilty when the time comes. Taking a look at his remarks ahead of the arrest, it appears Trump feels emboldened about his prospects in court as there is now an “all up in the air” feeling surrounding the impending trial.

As tensions rise and the public awaits to see what unprecedented ruling a judge could bring against former President Donald Trump, Don Jr has a fiery warning for the American people. His must-see video quickly gained popularity on social media, intensifying already present speculation that an arrest with a gag order preventing any speaking from Trump might be imminent. This raises questions about the impact such an order would have on speeches and events given by the ex-president in the future, if it were to happen. One thing is for certain: whether or not this order comes to fruition, this historic moment is far from over. It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out as Don Jr worries his father’s political opposition may lead America into becoming a “third world banana republic”, silencing all those who oppose their power..

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