Trump’s Lawyer Eviscerates CNN’s Don Lemon Over Baseless Claims Against Trump!

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The anti-Trump bias of mainstream media has been exposed once again, this time with a fiery debate between President Trump’s lawyer and Don Lemon of CNN. In a frenzy, the world was alerted to the fake news Don Lemon had been disseminating about the president’s indictment status. Stoking chaos with his blatant lies, the CNN host was put in his place by Alina Habba as she eviscerated him over his baseless claims against Donald Trump. It is no secret that CNN and its ilk have a rabidly anti-Trump agenda and will resort to shameful smear campaigns to achieve it – thankfully, thanks to a righteous defense by Trump’s lawyer, their endeavors have yet again failed!

Last Monday, fireworks ignited on CNN between Don Lemon and former President Donald Trump’s lawyer Alina Haba as they clashed over the indictment against Trump, which has yet to reveal its actual charges. In response to Lemon’s accusations of obstruction of justice, Haber eviscerated him with her more pressing point – that someone in Bragg’s office illegally leaked the charges from the Manhattan DA’s Office. The fact that such information would be unlawfully accessed was so shocking that it made Lemon do a double-take.

By focusing on this real crime, Haba flipped the narrative to shut down any unfounded allegations about Trump’s conduct.e real crime of Bragg’s office leaking the charges from the Manhattan DA’s Office.

While the media was spreading a false narrative surrounding President Trump’s indictment, meanwhile on “O’Connor Tonight,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton corrected this narrative. 

In his discussion with Larry O’Connor, Fitton stated that the indictment of President Trump could be the beginning of an awful period for America.

It is abundantly clear that the indictment against former President Donald Trump was expected to be a formidable nail in his coffin, however the media’s baseless narrative was derailed by a potent confrontation between Don Lemon and Alina Haber. With Tom Fitton’s comments on O’Connor tonight, it is becoming increasingly apparent that these baseless charges and allegations will not stand; they are politically motivated and not based on facts. All that can be taken away from this unwise game of chess between Donald Trump and The Democrats is that it could lead to an awful period for America if their charges against Trump remain intact – but more importantly, those breaking the law should face consequences regardless of what political team they come from. Thus, The Democrats should receive the same penalty for any serious offenses surrounding their actions if proven guilty. Simply put – The Democrats should be arrested for their actions instead of President Trump whose charges remain baseless.

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