The Government’s Plan to Target Black Americans is Insane

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As election day grows nearer, so does the return of Joe Biden’s old-fashioned tactics. Biden called out many people in his last election cycle – even going as far as saying that if you don’t vote for him, then you ain’t black. It’s remarkable how Biden is taking his racism to unseen heights and it looks like he’s doubling down this time. 

Before former President Obama and Vice President Biden took office in 2009, the idea of race being a big deal did not have too much traction. However, this all changed during the Obama-Biden administration. This “progressive” attitude toward race has continued into Joe Biden’s current administration. He is now considering asking Blacks if their ancestors were indeed slaves in this next year’s census.

Trending politics reports, during the next government census, the Biden administration may ask Black Americans if their ancestors were slaves.

Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the administration wants to curate how many Black Americans are descended from slaves.

According to them by using this information, we will be able to determine how many Black Americans are descendants of immigrants or have lived here since slavery was prevalent in the US in the 1800s.

In a Wall Street Journal report, it was alleged that Black Americans have called for a more detailed census to differentiate them from each other. “In the United States, one in five Black people or their children are immigrants or their children, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.”

This idea was praised by a spokesman for the National Assembly of American Slavery Descendants. “America sees Black people as a monolith. When you say all Black people are the same, you are ignoring differences in culture, ancestry, economics, and you are doing a disservice to everyone lumped into that group.”

According to The Hill, Americans may be asked to identify as either “Black or African American” by a change in the census. Black descendants of slavery might be called “American Descendants of Slavery,” “American Freedmen” or “Foundational Black Americans.”

As a result of the San Francisco reparations panel’s call for $5 million in reparations for black slave descendents, this potential change may take place.

According to the WSJ report, the Biden administration’s Office of Management and Budget declined to comment on the possibility of changing the census.

When Biden first took office, he supported the study of reparations and now is the perfect time to launch a war on racism.

Here’s what Jen Psaki said then.

In the wake of dire problems within the country, these are the kinds of things this administration is more concerned about. We know exactly why, the more you can divide a people, the easier it is to control them. This administration is all about control. Instead of having a census about real issues they would rather distract on the issue of race.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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