CBS’s Fawning Interview With Fetterman Triggers Biden Deja Vu

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Each time a Democrat appears on national television, it seems that there is an ever-increasing possibility that they will utter something completely unbelievable. Anchor Jane Pauley of CBS certainly did not disappoint in her latest exclusive recent interview with brain dead senator John Fetterman. What they talked about will leave you absolutely shell shocked. 

Americans are still getting accustomed to the idea of Joe Biden as the President of the United States and the Democratic party knows that many people have yet to accept him. Hence why they are “secretly” searching for a potential replacement who can step into the role if needed. With this in mind, news anchors like Jane Pauley entertained the idea about senator John Fetterman, who like the current, could be twins when it comes to brain activity.

News Buster reports, as a result of finishing his treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for depression, Democrat Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman sat down for a softball interview with CBS Sunday Morning anchor Jane Pauley.

In the beginning, Pauley gushed over Fetterman by putting a happy face on his health and outlook on life: “Senator John Fetterman is home in Braddock, Pennsylvania, six weeks after he was hospitalized for depression at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where we talked with him this past week. I found Senator Fetterman hopeful, optimistic, ready to return to the United States Senate and his role as a dad.”  As soon as Pauley uttered that sentence, you knew the interview would be far from serious.

While there were plenty of substantive topics to discuss, Pauley opted for the most syrupy topics and open-ended questions. She asked with a straight face whether the brain-damaged Senator was willing to serve “beyond the United States Senate.”

Oh you’re not going to want to miss this one.

The rest of the interview was about his “depression”, nothing to do about his brain damage.

Democrats are masterminds at re-writing the script. This is not a man who suffers depression. They are trying to convince the country that he’s merely a person who struggles from depression instead of the bigger issue. Just like Joe Biden doesn’t not have dementia. This interview was a classic case of just how evil this party is by taking advantage of the mentally challenged so they may keep their power, instead of having the man resign, triggering a special election.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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