ABC News Caught Red-Handed: Censoring Trump’s Campaign! SHADY Tactics Used to Silence Trump!

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Maverick President Donald J. Trump faces another barrier as ABC News blurs out his fundraising text from his speech. Shockingly, the network censored the self-made billionaire and businessman-turned-politician from collecting funds from his supporters- a blatant attempt to derail his re-election campaign.

The feud between President Trump and the mainstream media is decades old. Since his election in 2016, the press has remained hostile, bashing him every chance they get. As the Republican candidate eyes another presidential run in 2024, ABC News has pulled out all the stops to prevent his fundraising efforts. This article exposes the media’s unsavory influence on politics and its role in shaping elections’ outcomes.

The ABC News team landed in hot water after intentionally censoring President Trump’s fundraising text from his podium during his Mar-a-Lago speech. This incident has raised eyebrows on social media, with many wondering whether ABC News exhibited blatant bias towards Trump. It’s not the first time the former president’s fundraising efforts have been hampered. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump salvaged his insurgent campaign through Republican small-dollar donations, shattering existing records.

Moreover, despite Trump’s popularity as evidenced by the significant fundraising successes, the former president has had his fair share of challenges in raising funds. 2020 saw a marked shift towards small dollar fundraising, with most campaigns reserving their coffers for paid advertisements on mainstream media. Trump, however, outsmarted the competition by adopting a smart grassroots approach. He created a text-to-donate scheme, where supporters could donate a specified amount of money by texting “TRUMP” to “88022”.

ABC News caused a stir when they blurred out Trump’s fundraising text during his speech. The network’s censorship act exacerbated already-mounting tension between Trump and the mainstream media. Meanwhile, the media’s soft-handed approach towards Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential campaign calls into question the industry’s impartiality.

The censorship act drew sharp reactions from sources on how it would impact Trump’s fundraising flow in the coming days. The Donor Box, a fundraising tool used by most Republican campaigns, saw a surge in donations soon after Trump’s fundraising number was released. In contrast, Biden raised funds without the slightest of hindrances from ABC News during his rallies.

The Left’s concern over Trump echoes Time Magazine’s revelations detailing a vast plot by powerful individuals to prevent Trump from being re-elected. The plot, backed by Big Tech, including election meddling and propaganda campaigns, ran deep and was overt. Trump’s fundraising text censorship adds to the evidence of these attempts to suppress Republican candidates.

Will Smith, an American actor and Trump critic, once said, “Racism isn’t getting worse; it’s getting filmed.” With Will Smith’s adage in mind, recent events have unveiled the sheer ludicrosity of the ABC News censorship act with regards to Trump’s fundraising efforts and its two-tier coverage policy. It serves as a loud wake up call on how mainstream media can potentially influence elections as it is shifting from traditional campaign funding structures due to Trump’s small-dollar donation culture. As such, media bias or censorship should not be tolerated and ABC News has exposed themselves shamelessly exploiting their power in a most vile manner. Nevertheless,all is not lost;the media still has an essential role to play in an election and must make it a solemn point to honor their mandate of impartiality so as to restore the people’s trust in the electoral process.

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Next News Network Team

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