IT’S TIME! End The Fed: Ron Paul & Marjorie Taylor Greene Team Up Against The Cabal

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Stop what you’re doing and pay attention, it’s time to take a stand against the globalist elites and their latest tool for control. Revolutionary leader Marjorie Taylor Greene is at the front lines of battle, leading the charge against the Federal Reserve and their diabolical plans for central bank digital currency. It is up to us to join her in this fight for freedom–we have all the details in this exclusive must see report… and something very special just for you at the end you don’t want to miss.

The world is in a state of flux, as governments around the globe seize more power in the name of safety and security.

But what if this power grab is just the beginning of something much more sinister? The Federal Reserve has been planning their latest move for years, and now they’re ready to launch a central bank digital currency that will give them unprecedented control over our financial lives. 

It’s time to take a stand against the tyranny of fiat currency and return to the gold standard, as Marjorie Taylor Greene has so boldly stated.

The Federal Reserve has long been a controversial institution, with critics accusing it of benefiting the wealthy at the expense of the poor. But their latest move towards a central bank digital currency represents a whole new level of danger. 

With the ability to track every transaction and potentially freeze assets or limit spending, the CBDC paves the way for a dystopian future where we are at the mercy of centralized control. And with the Bible warning of the Mark of the Beast, many fear that digital currency is the pathway towards total domination by the government.

But there is hope. Marjorie Taylor Greene has called for a return to the gold standard, a time-tested method of ensuring the value of our money over time.

She tweeted on Wednesday, “We should go back to the gold standard, not digital currency payment systems. Hard pass”

The “End the Fed” movement, championed by Ron Paul and others, believes that the Federal Reserve is a corrupt system that has only led to financial ruin and inflation. By returning to the gold standard, we can take back control of our money and remove the power of central banks to manipulate and devalue our currency.

The Federal Reserve claims that their CBDC will make payments faster and more secure, but at what cost? The widespread adoption of digital currency would mean the end of financial privacy and the beginning of a new era of centralized control.

And with the recent injection of trillions of new dollars into the economy, the Fed’s “solution” to the crisis it created only exacerbates the problem of inflation and loss of value in our currency.

The danger of a CBDC tied to a digital ID and social credit score cannot be overstated.

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. pointed out, such a system would allow the government to freeze assets or limit spending for those who refuse to comply with government mandates, such as vaccines. It’s a slippery slope towards totalitarianism, and we must act now to prevent it from becoming a reality.

And now what I promised at the beginning of this video. Me 15 years ago outside the Federal Reserve in Washington DC.

The time has come for us to take a stand against the globalist elites and their plans for centralized control over our lives. By rejecting the Federal Reserve’s central bank digital currency and returning to the gold standard, we can reclaim our financial sovereignty and protect our individual liberties. The dangers of a fiat currency system are well-documented, and the CBDC represents the final step towards full control by the government. It’s up to us to say no to this power grab and fight back against the encroachment of centralized authority. Join Marjorie Taylor Greene and the “End the Fed” movement in the fight for freedom and sound money.

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