KJP Caught Red Handed Smirking While Defending Admin Lies

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A recent White House press briefing had President Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre making a laughably false claim regarding the president’s compliance with the law. Find out why she was caught laughing in her hilarious response!

A few days before President Joe Biden departs the White House for yet another long weekend, the president’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made what appears to be a hilariously false claim. In response to a question regarding Biden’s planned visit to Ireland and who would be covering the costs of family members who would accompany him, Jean-Pierre did not have an answer.

Jean-Pierre stated that Biden’s family travel on official trips is handled just like that of “other families.” Continuing, Jean-Pierre asserted that “of course, the president is a president who follows the law and does these types of things in the appropriate manner.”

Is this Jean-Pierre’s delayed April Fools’ Day joke?

Then why did she let out a chuckle when she said that Biden was Mr. Law and Order?

Even more concerning is that he has been found guilty by the Supreme Court of violating the United States Constitution multiple times. This begs the question: if Joe Biden truly follows all laws, why has he been found guilty so many times?

Biden’s disregard for laws does not end there. While serving as Vice President under Barack Obama, he was recently accused of stealing classified documents from his former office.

Even though he “returned” them after being confronted by staff members, this still raises questions regarding his compliance with laws and regulations regarding classified documents. This illustrates how little regard he has for the national security protocols in place to protect our country from foreign adversaries.

She seems to have forgotten that when Biden attempted to enforce a federal vaccine requirement for all businesses with over 100 employees with OSHA, the Supreme Court ruled “not so fast” and invalidated most of the policy. However, the mandate for health care workers was retained. 

Prior to that loss, the Supreme Court informed Biden that he had acted without lawful authority reserved for Congress by extending a federal eviction moratorium. The federal government cited Biden’s efforts to remove the “Remain in Mexico” policy of the Trump administration as a violation of federal law.  

These are just a few examples that show Biden cannot resist not following federal law at the highest levels of government, contradicting Jean-Pierre’s assertion. 

Here was her response. LET’S LISTEN to that answer again

With that chuckle given to us by Karine Jean Piere is it safe to say we have her answer to both those questions now? Clearly she either does not seem to take her job seriously or she no longer takes Biden seriously. Our money is on both.

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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