Jill Biden FORCED to Walk Back Comments after Inviting Losing Women’s Basketball Team to White House

Jill Biden recently stirred controversy after inviting a losing women's basketball team to the White House.
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Jill Biden recently stirred controversy after inviting a losing women’s basketball team to the White House. Her decision was met with backlash, and she was forced to walk back her comments. Many were critical of her show of support for a team that failed to secure a championship win, and some believe that her actions set a poor example for young athletes.

In response to criticism that the move was racist and disrespected the mostly black champions from Louisiana State, first lady Jill Biden retracted her invitation to visit the White House to the University of Iowa women’s basketball team, which lost Sunday’s NCAA championship game.

The Washington Free Beacon reports, following Sunday’s championship game, Biden said that she would “tell Joe” that “we’ll have the champions come to the White House” but that “Iowa should come, too, because they played such a good game.”

Biden’s comment blew up on social media, with users accusing her of favoring the mostly white Iowa team over LSU by suggesting they be honored together.

The proposal was referred to as a “joke” by LSU player Angel Reese.

On Tuesday, Biden’s spokesman tweeted: “Her comments in Colorado were intended to applaud the historic game and all women athletes. She looks forward to celebrating the LSU Tigers on their championship win at the White House.”

Jill Biden’s decision to invite a losing women’s basketball team to the White House rightfully sparked debate and criticism. While there may be some Democrats who applaud her effort to show support and encouragement to the losing team, others argue that only successful teams should be celebrated.

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