LOOK How Many Migrants were Caught 19 Miles North of the Border in Arizona

An aircrew from CBP's Air and Marine Operations helicopter assisted Border Patrol agents in finding a group of 38 camouflage-wearing migrants north of Mexico.
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As the migrant crisis at the southern border continues to escalate, another set of concerning reports has emerged. Just recently, authorities discovered 38 camo-wearing migrants who were found 19 miles north of the U.S-Mexico border. This is yet another example of how desperate migrants are becoming and how far they are willing to go to enter our country illegally.

An aircrew from CBP’s Air and Marine Operations helicopter assisted Border Patrol agents in finding a group of 38 camouflage-wearing migrants north of Mexico.

According to Breitbart, the migrants were part of the approximately 33,000 migrants arrested by Tucson Sector agents in March.

Border Patrol agents near the Arizona and New Mexico border with Mexico apprehended a group of migrants in a photo tweeted by Tucson Sector Chief Patrol Agent John R. Modlin. An AMO helicopter crew assisted the agents in finding the group of 38 migrants on March 28 about 19 miles north of Mexico.

Modlin also tweeted that American citizens smuggling four migrants were arrested at Ajo Station a day after horseback Border Patrol agents arrested the group.

In addition, Tucson Station agents attempted a traffic stop a few days later on SR-86. Several of the occupants fled into the desert when the vehicle stopped. A small child was found abandoned on the truck’s back seat area floor. As a result of the alleged human smuggling incident, agents arrested the driver.

As part of a Border Patrol report reviewed by Breitbart Texas, these groups make up approximately 33,000 migrants arrested in the Tucson Sector in March. The number of migrants apprehended has increased by approximately 25 percent since March 2022, when 27,239 migrants were apprehended. Additionally, it is an increase from the 23,556 migrants apprehended in February 2023. Tucson sector apprehensions during the Biden administration reached a record high in March.

Besides the apprehensions, a separate report examined by Breitbart classified an additional 16,000 migrants as got-aways. This brings the number of border crossers in the Tucson Sector in March to approximately 49,000.

This situation demands immediate attention from lawmakers and stronger border control measures to address this issue. It is time to take action and secure our borders to prevent uncontrolled illegal immigration. This situation also serves as a reminder that we need to act fast to strengthen our border security measures. It is time for lawmakers to come together and address this important issue before it spirals even further out of control. Only then can we ensure the safety and security of our citizens and protect our country from uncontrolled illegal immigration.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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