BREAKING: Texas Secedes from Federal Reserve’s Monopoly with Revolutionary Gold-Backed Digital Currency!

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Are Democrats trying to sink the American economy? The recent push for more financial crises, coupled with their apparent disdain for economic prosperity, has certainly yielded that impression. Fortunately, Texas is rising up like a real-life Iron Man and launching a coup against the federal reserve’s money monopoly. With the recent move to create a gold-backed currency of its own, Texas is showing Washington who’s really in charge when it comes to economic strength. With a wild attempt at breaking away from federal control, Texans are seemingly ready for whatever financial woes may come in the future—and how budgets will be managed. No one can deny that this move is a game changer, setting a precedent of fiscal independence while weathering any potential federal cannonade.

Texas has been leading the charge on creating a gold-backed digital currency, and it’s no accident.

The Democrats are pushing Joe Biden’s agenda to create more financial crises and punish ordinary Americans, while Texas is taking bold steps to protect the people’s economic prosperity.

One supporter of the move, Marc Pitts, has tweeted his support for a gold-backed digital currency, calling on others to support HB 4903. Senator Bryan Hughes introduced the companion bill, SB 2334, and the legislation would enable the comptroller to establish a digital currency that’s fully backed by gold and redeemable in cash or gold.

The Tenth Amendment Center has been highlighting the move by Texas to go gold-backed since 2015, and the state comptroller would establish a means for people to transact business in sound money.

By establishing a gold-backed digital currency, Texas could create a viable alternative to a central bank digital currency (CBDC) and undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.

One of the biggest advantages of a gold-backed digital currency is an alternative for people to transact business in sound money, creating a mechanism to avoid the CBDC. Individuals could buy the digital currency from the state, and the state would use the money to purchase gold held in the Texas Bullion Depository or another secure vault. The trustee would keep enough gold to provide for the redemption of all units of digital currency issued and unredeemed for money or gold.

Fiat money, paper money, or otherwise, is not only a ripoff, but it’s also a tool of the monster state.

While the state would hold gold backing the currency in trust for digital currency holders, individuals would be the ones to redeem their digital currency for dollars or gold. This would enable individuals and businesses to avoid having to deal with a CBDC, which would be backed and controlled by the government.

A digital currency exists virtually as banknotes or coins held in a digital wallet on your computer or smartphone. However, the crucial difference between a CBDC and bitcoin is that the former’s value is backed and controlled by the government, just like traditional fiat currency.

The push for CBDCs comes from the war on cash, which seeks to eliminate physical money and has the potential to track and control consumer spending.

China, India, Nigeria, and the US have launched pilot programs to test CBDCs, while the government wants to eliminate physical money, giving it more control over consumer spending. However, this would mean that even small transactions, such as a morning coffee from Starbucks, may no longer be a secret from government officials. 

And now the President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, has been caught on video in a startling admission — digital currencies will be used to “control humanity”. In the video, Lagarde stated that she was “personally convinced” about the need for a digital euro and admitted that there would have to be a “limited amount of control” over payments with it.

She proposed potentially allowing for small payments freely, but cautioned it could be dangerous if not monitored carefully. This bombshell revelation from the ECB president has sent shockwaves around the world, as people worry what this means in terms of globalist elite power over their own lives.

Digital currencies would provide a degree of control to the government never possible with physical money, allowing them to turn off an individual’s ability to make purchases, like a modern-day Big Brother.

Texas is leading the charge against the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money with its bold move towards creating a gold-backed digital currency. Democrats continue to push policies that punish Americans and create financial crises, advocating for government-backed CBDCs as alternatives to sound money that individuals and businesses can use without fear of government control. What will it take to break the Fed’s monopoly? Only by launching a full-on coup against their policies and embracing sound money can we protect our economic prosperity — and Texas is taking action.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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