WATCH: MSNBC Host Force Fed BRUTAL Helping of Truth When Taibbi Exposes The “Vomit” They’re Spewing

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Get ready for an eye-opening wake up call – MSNBC just got a reality check that they weren’t expecting! Independent journalist, Matt Taibbi, took it upon himself to take down the liberal media giant and called them out for “vomiting up fake Russian stories”. His criticisms span from their lack of original ideas, to the extreme lengths they go to in order to push stories that have no basis in fact. Whether you love or hate him, this news certainly proves that Matt has some courage when it comes confronting the big dogs in the media!

In a recent explosive interview, journalist Matt Taibbi slammed MSNBC and its show host, Mehdi Hasan, for their biased and fake news coverage of Russian stories. Taibbi claimed that the liberal media giant was doing nothing but “vomiting up fake Russian stories” to the public, at a time when they should be focusing on more important issues. The two sparred over the infamous Twitter Files and Hunter Biden’s laptop, with Taibbi defending his reporting and Hasan questioning his journalistic integrity.

The controversy started when Mehdi Hasan played a clip from Taibbi’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s show, where he spoke about the need for journalists to be careful about the stories they accept. Hasan then questioned Taibbi’s recent appearance before Congress, where he refused to reveal his sources. Taibbi, however, defended himself, stating that the stories he reported were real and in the public interest.

The heated debate continued, as Hasan asked Taibbi about his meetings with Republican figures such as Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Jim Jordan. Taibbi reminded him that MSNBC was one of the outlets that dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinformation. The two then argued about which political party was a greater threat to free speech, with Taibbi claiming that the Democrats were more of a threat.

As the liberal media giant continues to push its agenda-driven stories to the public, Taibbi’s accusations of fake news and biased reporting are finally coming to light. Is it time for the mainstream media to start focusing on fair and honest news coverage, or will they continue to push their own political agenda?

The liberal media’s bias towards Democrats and their hatred for former President Trump are nothing new. They have been pushing fake stories since he first entered the political arena. The Hunter Biden Laptop scandal is just one such example of how the liberal media acted as a propaganda machine for the Democrats.

In the interview, Hasan tried to corner Taibbi, by questioning why he refused to reveal his sources before Congress. Taibbi remained steadfast, stating that the stories he reported were real and in the public interest. Hasan’s tactics only succeeded in exposing how the liberal media frequently sacrifices journalistic ethics to push an agenda.

In fact, the liberal media has been feeding the “Russia collusion” narrative for years, despite ample evidence to the contrary. They have misled the public with fake stories of pee tapes and Russian election interference. All of which have been debunked by evidence and investigations.

The mainstream media’s refusal to report on facts and instead, pushing their own narratives are nothing but propaganda. As Taibbi pointed out, there is a real danger in journalists crossing the line, and the liberal media is guilty of just that.

The liberal media has, time and again, put their political agenda above the truth. This is dangerous for democracy, as it misleads the public and endangers free speech, which is the cornerstone of democracy. The bias of the liberal media, particularly MSNBC, is plain to see, and its impact on the public discourse is devastating.

The mainstream media’s partiality towards the Democrats and their agenda-driven reporting have been exposed time and again. Matt Taibbi took on the liberal media giant, MSNBC, and highlighted their biased reporting and fake news. Their coverage of the Russian collusion narrative is an example of how the liberal media puts their agenda first. As responsible citizens, it’s our duty to demand fair and honest news reporting from the media. It’s essential for democracy and the truth that we hold the media accountable for their bias and lies. The media should act as the watchdogs of democracy and not become a mouthpiece for political interests. The public deserves better than a propaganda machine, and it’s high time the liberal media takes stock of their actions. It’s time for them to stop vomiting up fake Russian stories and start reporting facts.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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