A Sight to Behold: Kids of the Next Generation Break Out in a Chant that Will Make You Smile

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The trend of sports fans chanting “Let’s go Brandon” has been sweeping the nation, and it seems that even the youngest generation is not immune to its contagious influence. In a recent Adidas wrestling event, a group of children broke out in a deafening “Let’s go Brandon” chant that warmed the hearts of conservative Americans everywhere. This innocent display of patriotism is a testament to the grassroots movement that has taken hold of our nation, and a reminder of the power of American values to bring people together.

A video from the Adidas Wrestling Nationals in Independence, Missouri, has recently gone viral, showing a large group of kids chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” and banging their hands together.

Graham Allen, who shared the clip on Twitter, called the group of kids: “AN AMAZING GROUP OF PATRIOTS!!!”

A reporter for NBC was interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown live after a race in October 2021, when the crowd started chanting “f*** Joe Biden.” This led to the reporter thinking the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” and the two phrases became synonymous.

After that, sports fans all over the country chanted “Let’s Go Brandon,” and Brandon Brown announced his new sponsor for the next racing season: Cryptocurrency Meme Coin LGBcoin.io.

Despite the fact that their party members were much more vulgar and open in expressing their hatred for Donald Trump, Democrats were deeply offended by this new trend.

In November 2021, an NBC national security correspondent, Ken Dilanian, even contacted the Secret Service about people printing “Let’s Go Brandon” on guns. He never heard back from them.

The “Let’s go Brandon” chant may have started as a political statement, but it has become so much more. These kids may not fully understand the political implications of their chant, but they understand the importance of coming together as a community to support a common belief. As we continue to face unprecedented challenges as a nation, may we always remember the power of our shared values and the simple joys of coming together and connecting with our fellow Americans.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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