Baltimore Descends into Chaos Leaving the Mayor No Choice but to Make this Move

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As chaos continues to grip the streets of Baltimore, it seems the Mayor has finally come to a decision: a citywide curfew. The past few days have seen riots ignite throughout the city, leading to destruction of property, attacks on civilians, and a general sense of unease for those caught in the crossfire. It is only befitting that the Mayor takes firm action to restore order in the beleaguered city. However, the fact that it has come to this is a sad reflection of the state of affairs in Baltimore.

On Sunday night, hundreds of spring break youngsters scattered through the streets of Baltimore City’s Inner Harbor district after gunshots were heard. On video, the mayhem resembled an apocalyptic scene. 

Due to this, Mayor Brandon Scott has proposed a citywide curfew for minors during the summer.

According to Fox Baltimore, more than 200 “young people” fled after gunfire rang out just 50 feet from police officers, according to Baltimore City Police Commissioner Michael Harrison. Gunshot wounds were sustained by a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old.

All of this should come as no surprise… 

This struggling city has been poisoned by 50 years of Democratic leadership, leading to murders, broken families, failing schools, and an opioid epidemic that is only getting worse.

As for Baltimore’s rapid decline, the Biden administration remains silent. 

It is clear that the deteriorating situation in Baltimore has left the Mayor with no choice but to use the iron fist of the law to bring an end to the wanton thuggery of those who would seek to destroy the city. While some may decry the curfew as an infringement on personal freedom, others will recognize the importance of restoring civility and peace to the streets. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure the safety of its citizens, and if that means imposing strict measures to prevent further damage to property and loss of life, then so be it. It is time for Baltimore to awaken from its slumber and to face the harsh truth of the real world: order is a prerequisite for progress, and it must be maintained at all costs.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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