Surprise: East Ohio Disaster Residents Still Waiting for Biden’s Visit Two Month Later

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Despite hazardous chemicals polluting the air and water of East Palestine, Ohio, Biden has yet to visit MAGA voters in that community. What happened to being the unity president? His White House mouthpiece, Karine Jean Piere, is spewing lies about his future intentions now. Let’s find out what she has to say.

The train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, has left the community in shambles, with hazardous chemicals polluting the air and water. While the town struggles to recover, Biden has made inconsistent statements about whether he will visit. Despite criticism for ignoring the plight of the town and visiting Ukraine instead, the White House confirmed on Monday that Biden still plans to go.

On February 3rd, a Norfolk Southern train derailed and leaked toxic chemicals into the environment in East Palestine, Ohio. A controlled burn that was conducted on February 6th only made matters worse, leaving the small town struggling to cope with the aftermath.

 As the citizens continue to face the ill effects of toxic chemicals, President Biden has been indecisive about whether he will visit the community.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed on Monday that Biden still intends to visit, but has no specific details. This comes after the president initially told reporters on February 24th that he had no plans to visit the community.

 He later changed his tune on March 2nd and pledged to go “at some point.” However, officials from the White House told NBC News on March 6th that there were no set plans for the president to visit.

Here is Karine Jean Piere lying to our faces.

A senior official told the outlet that the decision of whether to visit has not been something the administration has “been agonizing over in real-time,” while a second official said that if the president did go, it would be at a time that “makes sense.”

The town of East Palestine was not impressed with Biden’s indecisiveness. Mayor Trent Conway expressed his fury over the president’s decision to visit Ukraine instead of coming to the aid of his town. Multiple residents also expressed frustration over Biden’s lack of response to their plight. It seems that Biden’s inaction has once again failed conservative America.

The talk about Biden visiting at a time that makes sense. Hasn’t that time passed? Now there is no need for him to go visit the town after the person the majority of them voted for has already visited. That would be a waste of people’s time. If he chooses to visit, nobody attends his meet and greet.

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