BREAKING NEWS: Joe Biden’s Declining Mental Health Leads to International Humiliation

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Shocking footage has emerged showing President Biden appearing to push aside UK Prime Minister on his Northern Ireland visit. Experts suggest this might be due to his declining mental health.

Joe Biden’s mental health has come under increasing scrutiny since he assumed office. His trip to Northern Ireland is just another example of his incompetence. Not only did he brush aside UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak upon arrival, but he appeared to not even recognize him.

Judi James, an expert in communication and body language, analyzed the footage and revealed that Biden was dismissive towards Sunak, who was waiting on the tarmac to greet him. Sunak’s presence was an “ingratiating act of inconvenience” explained James. A ritual that Biden should have understood, especially given Sunak’s status as a high-ranking guest.

As James pointed out, the higher the rank of the guest, the further outside the White House one emerges to wait to greet them. Nonetheless, Biden ignored Sunak and hastened to greet others.

This disregard for protocol is not only a sign of his declining mental health but also an insult to the United Kingdom, our closest ally.

Just take a look at this body language

However it gets worse from here, as Biden’s incompetence did not end there. A top-secret document containing the itinerary for his visit to Belfast was found in the street, which contained information about his protective detail. This breach raises significant concerns over Biden’s safety.

Police in Northern Ireland reportedly foiled a terrorist bomb plot intended to disrupt Biden’s Belfast visit. Members of the New IRA paramilitary group allegedly sought to purchase bomb parts in Derry and construct an explosive device.

Biden’s failure to address these security lapses, his declining mental health and his lack of respect for our closest allies make him unfit to lead, especially in times of war and international crisis.

While Biden was present to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Northern Ireland Peace Agreement, or the Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland is still plagued with sectarian violence.

The peace agreement ended three decades of violence between Catholics and Protestants, known as the Troubles. However, tension remains high and Irish Republicans dissidents opposed to the peace process have been blamed for occasional outbreaks of violence since.

In addition, a post-Brexit trade dispute led to the collapse of the province’s power-sharing government last year. The United States has traditionally played a role in mediating conflicts such as these, but Biden’s lack of understanding of these issues and his declining mental health are causing our international standing to falter.

Biden’s trip to Northern Ireland should have been an opportunity to show that he is committed to restoring America’s role as a leader. Instead, it became another international humiliation.

Biden’s handling of the economy, international crisis, and war efforts is increasingly worrisome, especially given his declining mental health. The United States cannot afford another failed presidency. It’s time to hold Biden accountable for his incompetence and disregard for protocol.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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