Court Denies DA’s Bid to Silence Jim Jordan in Trump Case

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We’re all used to the saying you can’t make this stuff up but this is where it really applies. Shocking piece of information did not go viral enough from the federal court as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s attempt to prevent Republican chairman Jim Jordan from investigating the case against former President Donald Trump. You might want to brace yourself for this. 

The highly politicized case against former President Donald Trump continues, with unprecedented attempts by New York authorities to weaponize their legal system. The case has taken a new turn as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg filed a lawsuit against Republican House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, trying to stop him from following through on a subpoena of a former prosecutor. However, the attempt was met with fierce resistance, and the court denied the request for a temporary restraining order against Jim Jordan.

In order to prevent Jordan from following through on a subpoena he issued to Mark Pomerantz, Bragg filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against him. When Bragg took over, Pomerantz left out of frustration that Bragg paused Trump’s investigation in the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

Here is how Mayor Adams responded to the subpoena followed by the lawsuit.

As Breitbart News reported last week: Bragg, according to a memorandum with the filing, is not only looking to stop Jordan “from enforcing this unlawful and unconstitutional subpoena” by obtaining a temporary restraining order, but also “to prohibit Mr. Pomerantz from complying with it.”

The memorandum described the move to subpoena Pomerantz, which was first reported by Breitbart News last week, as an “abuse” of congressional authority.

It stated, “Their latest salvo—the subpoena to Mr. Pomerantz—is an abuse of congressional process and a brazen incursion into New York’s exercise of its sovereign prosecutorial powers.”

As ridiculous as the request was, Article III project founder Mike Davis tweeted the result of the filing stating:

”Soros-funded Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s (frivolous) lawsuit against House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan is already off to a bad start for Bragg: The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York declined to even enter a temporary restraining order.”

The court order stated, “The Court declines to enter the proposed Temporary Restraining Order and Order to Show Cause. It is HEREBY ORDERED that Plaintiff’ shall effect service on the Defendants of the Complaint together with a copy of this Order, the Plaintiff’s motion, and any supporting papers, on or before 9:00 PM tonight.”

According to Judge Vyskocil, Bragg’s complaint referred to a declaration from Theodore J. Boutrous, Jr., but “the Court has not been provided with this document yet, nor is it on the docket.” Additionally, Bragg failed to provide a copy of Pomerantz’s subpoena.

Mike Davis, founder and president of the pro-Trump Article III Project and former Chief Counsel for Nominations to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) told Breitbart News that Bragg’s lawsuit against Jordan is “laughably frivolous.” and that “Harvard Law should demand that Bragg return his law degree.”

The attempt by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to stop the investigation against former President Trump by Republican Chairman Jim Jordan is yet another example of democrats showcasing they get to do whatever they’d like with no questions asked. Unfortunately to Bragg and Adams, that’s not how things work. Especially when millions of dollars are wasted on one man when that money could have been re-allocated to help the city’s crime problems.

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