Uh Oh! Puppet Psaki, Thinks she’s a Real Journalist

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The former White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki’s latest admission on national television about journalism reveals the damning truth about America and its political landscape. Truth always prevails. 

As a woman who has spent most of the 21st century spinning lies to the American people, Psaki’s latest admission is a damning truth about the state of American politics. The establishment media has become cancerous to the country’s political process, and her recent actions only confirm this. In an interview with Ben Smith, the former BuzzFeed editor, Psaki claimed to identify as a journalist then expanded on her definition of a journalist. 

Our long-awaited moment came when Psaki was interviewed at a media summit hosted by Semafor, a news website founded last year by the same editor who decided before President-elect Donald Trump was even sworn in that the pack of lies known as the Steele dossier was worth publishing.

Former BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith asked her, “Do you consider yourself a journalist?”

With her usual perkiness, Psaki responded, “I do!”

It would be fair to say that Psaki’s definition, or what she calls “broad expansion,” broadens things considerably, to include “clarifying things” and “explaining things.” So, propaganda really is more of the same.

Jen Psaki, an adept Democratic politician who graduated from college in 2000, can also be viewed sympathetically in a 2021 Marie Claire magazine profile. She was a top official in the communications offices of the Barack Obama White House and the John Kerry State Department who became the public face of the Joe Biden White House during its disastrous first year.

She now works for MSNBC as the administration’s spokesperson, and she apparently thinks she’s practicing journalism.

The majority of social media users understood her point, however, and blasted back at her.

One that goes by Meg tweeted, “Jen Psaki is a propagandist for the Biden administration. She is not a journalist.”

Another user that goes by Eles said, “She’s not a journalist, she’s a Democrat who identifies as a journalist, which is 99% of our media today, sadly.”

And Sasha tweeted, “She’s a propaganda shill for the establishment narrative. She’s never met the truth.”

By spreading lies and propaganda, the Psaki’s of the world  have undermined democracy and destroyed trust in journalism. We must call out the media for their actions every opportunity we get and must turn to alternative sources of information that are not controlled by partisan ideologues. Because whoever controls the flow of information wins the war and if the information is with the people, then we get our country back.

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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