SECRET BAPTISMS! Liberals Triggered to the Max After Seeing Carpe Donktum’s Troll Thread

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Are you ready for the ultimate conservative troll move? Carpe Donktum, the Twitter influencer with a reputation for stirring the pot, has done it again. This time, he created a thread about a third-grade teacher who teaches Christianity in the classroom – but hold on, it’s not what you think. Using clever humor and a dose of progressive ideology, Carpe Donktum managed to turn the tables on the left in a surprising and hilarious way. You won’t believe what he did to troll progressives – it’s a must-see.

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Carpe Donktum’s Twitter thread starts with the claim that he is a 3rd-grade teacher, and he has been teaching his students about Jesus in secret. His students are enthusiastic about Christianity, according to the thread, and some of them have even been baptized secretly in the school sink. The thread also mentions a dress-up box with priestly robes and WWJD bracelets available for students to use. There is also a desire for circumcisions and Jesus tattoos, which the teacher happily helps them acquire. The school counselor also offers spiritually affirming care for students who can’t talk to their parents about their Christian faith. Lastly, every student gets a gospel to read at school, and some students confess to being Christian without their parents’ knowledge.

As you might imagine, the thread was met with plenty of outrage from progressives. Many believed Carpe was actually a teacher who was brainwashing his students and should be fired. 

Let’s review the triggering.

Even as a person of “faith” I agree this isn’t ok. It is UP TO THE PARENTS, not you.

— Megz 

Would you rather have a child in heaven or a child in hell? Or maybe you’re just a Christophobe.

— natatomic

It’s up to them to decide how they identify, right?

— Erika Sanzi 

I hope it does get you fired!

— Melinda Mazoue’ 

If you’re in a public school, and my child was in your class, you would not have a job after my child told me how they spent their day

— Patty Lou 

Why keep it a secret? Might it be because what you are doing, as a state representative, would get you fired if the authorities find out because it’s fucking illegal? You should be ashamed of yourself proselytizing to 3rd graders!!!!

— RenévelⒶtion

“As long as they don’t tell their parents.” If I had a child at that school, I’d be planning a lawsuit.

— Johnny Djinn and the Tonix!

I’m a hard-core right libertarian. You are just about as evil as they come. You should rot in hell. This is just as bad as transitioning kids without letting parents know

— Tyler McFarland 

you’re the reason libtards hate religion, Jesus was a lion btw, and all the stuff you know about the bible is probably stuff you were told, not stuff you actually read

— Clint Æstwood thirdworldassassin

I’ve taught Sunday School for over 40 years, and never ever told a student to keep a secret from their parents. You are horrid! Sorry I ever followed you.

— thebobmackay

Carpe Donktum, the conservative Twitter influencer known for his trolling tactics, has done it again. In a recent thread, he cleverly used progressive ideology to turn the joke on the left in the most hilarious way possible. The thread is about a third-grade teacher who teaches Christianity to their unsuspecting students, but it’s not what you would expect. Carpe Donktum’s troll thread might seem like a tasteless joke, but it’s part of his larger effort to mock progressive ideology. He knows how to ruffle feathers and get people talking, and this latest move is no exception. Love him or hate him, one thing is for sure – Carpe Donktum is here to stay, and he isn’t afraid to push the boundaries.

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