“YOU’RE A SCUMBAG!” Chaos Ensues at Hearing as Lawmakers Accuse Victims of Being Trump’s Props

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Outrage swept the country as Democrat lawmakers at a House Judiciary Committee hearing mocked victims of violent crime, dismissing their heart-wrenching stories and accusations of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s failures. Witnesses who had experienced the brutality of the justice system firsthand were called “props” to defend Trump, leading to heated exchanges and accusations by lawmakers. Among them was Madeline Brame, a grieving mother whose son had been brutally stabbed to death, whose heartfelt testimony was discredited by Democrat Reps. Hank Johnson and Adam Schiff. Even as Brame passionately urged DA Bragg to prioritize public safety, Democrat lawmakers derided the hearing as a political stunt. Their callous dismissal of victims’ frustrations and demands for justice has sparked outrage and underscored the ongoing issues with Democrat lawmaking.

During a hearing in Manhattan on Monday, the House Judiciary Committee listened as victims of violent crime shared their emotional stories and disapproval of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s policies, which they believe are causing a spike in crime in the city. The aim of the hearing was to shed light on the fact that Bragg should be prioritizing addressing violent crime instead of using taxpayer’s money to prosecute former President Donald Trump for alleged cover-ups. However, things took a sour turn once Democrat lawmakers in the hearing dismissed the heartfelt testimonies of family and friends of victims, accusing them of being “props” to defend Trump.

Notably, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) accused the witnesses of being part of a “MAGA Republican production” aimed at discrediting DA Bragg.

The statement caused an uproar in the committee room, with one person requesting that Johnson not “talk down” to them. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) also joined in these attacks, discrediting the witnesses’ testimonies about mistreatment by the New York City justice system. Among these brave witnesses was Madeline Brame, a mother who lost her son to violent crime in Harlem, who spoke passionately at the hearing.

Brame indicated that when DA Bragg came into office, he dismissed murder and gang assault indictments against two defendants, who were clearly seen on video participating in the savage killing of her son, Sgt. Hason Correa, in 2018. Brame expressed anger that one of the assailants was only charged with “assault with a shoe” and given a sentence of just one year in prison. 

Furthermore, she revealed that another assailant had his charges downgraded to “attempted gang assault,” despite clear video evidence. Subsequently, Brame asserted that this type of leniency poses a severe threat to public safety, with criminals roaming the streets with no consequences.

Therefore, she called for the halting of federal funding for soft policing organizations until they produce measurable outcomes, along with a demand to cut funding to the DA’s office until DA Bragg can effectively prosecute crime.

However, Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY) dismissed the hearing as a “charade” to cover up an alleged abuse of power related to Trump, despite the powerful impact of witnesses’ testimonies.

Brame further defended herself against Goldman’s accusations and criticized the issue’s politicization by Democrat lawmakers. She even walked away from the Democratic Party, calling it a “plantation.” Sadly, the emotional testimonials of the witnesses and the dismissive response from Democrat lawmakers fueled further outrage and frustration among victims of violent crime and their families.

The dismissal of victims’ testimonies and frustrations by Democrat lawmakers at the House Judiciary Committee hearing highlights ongoing concern with their lawmaking. Madeline Brame’s heartfelt testimony about her slain son and her fight for justice underscores the need to prioritize public safety in dealing with violent crime. However, Democrat lawmakers’ accusations and dismissive approach have left victims and their families more frustrated and in need of change. Ultimately, the immense toll of violent crime on communities cannot be ignored, and DA Bragg must do better to address the rapidly rising crime rates in Manhattan.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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