Biden’s Parole Pipeline Allows a Million Illegal Immigrants into U.S.

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Shocking statistics reveal how Biden’s parole pipeline has released over a million migrants into the U.S., potentially changing the country forever.

The United States’ southern border is facing a crisis unlike any other. Since President Joe Biden took office in 2021, he has failed to secure the border, allowing illegal immigrants to flood into the country at unprecedented rates. The Department of Homeland Security has released over a million migrants into the U.S. through the parole pipeline. This influx surpasses the population of six states, jeopardizing the security and identity of the U.S.

Biden’s Catch and Release network began taking effect a few months after he took office, transforming the border into a European-style checkpoint where border crossers are barely detained and then released into the country’s interior. George Fishman, a former DHS official from the Trump administration, analyzed data on Biden’s extensive use of the parole pipeline, revealing that he has allowed more than 880,000 migrants into American communities. In addition, he has granted parole to over 75,000 Afghans and almost 120,000 Ukrainian nationals.

The figures indicate that through the parole pipeline alone, the Biden administration has imported a foreign population that exceeds the resident populations of six states. This surge is a crisis that the U.S. cannot overlook. Biden’s DHS has released over 40,000 migrants into the U.S. interior in the first two months of this year alone. The agency released over 230,000 migrants into the U.S. interior in the final two months of 2022. Biden’s parole pipeline is the most effective tool for getting migrants into the country. It runs like a “full service travel agency” for border crossers, many of whom walk up to Border Patrol agents asking for parole.

Recently, state officials in Florida won a lawsuit against the Biden administration for imposing the unprecedented parole pipeline. 

A similar case, brought by state officials in Texas, is currently pending before the Supreme Court. Biden’s decision to allow millions of illegal immigrants into the country is not only unconstitutional but also a breach of national security. The waiver granted to these immigrants has put the country in grave danger, potentially risking an increase in violent crimes, terrorism, and other threats to national security.

Biden’s decision to allow millions of illegal immigrants into the U.S. has had devastating effects. The influx of foreign-born populations into the country is a ticking time bomb; a mass assimilation with proportional job and housing growth would be impossible. Relying on the parole pipeline to release immigrants undermines the U.S.’s immigration policies and endangers its citizens. It is time for the Biden administration to secure the border, control immigration, and protect the lives of U.S. residents. The parole pathway must be shut down, and the U.S. government must enforce its immigration laws for the sake of protecting America’s future.

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