Shocking! New Survey Shows Trump Leading in 2024 Polls

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Brace yourself for a political earthquake that will shake the establishment to its core! The latest news from the political arena is a massive blow to Joe Biden’s ambitions for a second term.

In a shocking reversal of fortune, Donald Trump has emerged as the clear front runner in the race for the White House in 2024.

The reception that Donald Trump received at a recent Ultimate Fighting Championship event has left UFC President Dana White, a prominent conservative voice, calling it “insane” and “unlike anything else.”

 White, talking on the Fox News show “Unfiltered” with host Dan Bongino, recalled how the entire place erupted when Donald Trump made a surprise appearance at the company’s event in Miami, which was attended by the likes of Mike Tyson, Kid Rock, and other celebrities.

Trump’s superstar status extended to the political arena, as the latest Rasmussen Reports survey shows him surging ahead of Joe Biden by a significant margin of 7 percentage points (47% – 40%) with support from women and independents. The survey, conducted on Wednesday, is the first test of the 2024 general election since the Manhattan hush money indictment against the 45th president was released last week.

The survey was conducted before Tuesday’s hearing in court, where Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 charges. In a tweet showing the results, the pollster included February’s numbers and wrote, “Reversal of fortune – massive strategic backfire.”

In a time of growing uncertainty and division, Donald Trump has emerged as the clear front-runner in the race for the White House in 2024. The latest Rasmussen Reports survey shows that Trump has succeeded in winning over women and independents, both considered critical to winning in 2024. Trump leads Biden among women with a 47% to 39% margin, while DeSantis leads among women with a 43% to 39% margin.

What is fascinating about the new survey is the rapid reversal of fortune, which has heavily favored Trump over Biden. While Biden’s popularity continues to plummet among his own party, Donald Trump’s star appeal remains strong among the American people.

Our country is in dire need of a strong leader to restore law and order, to rebuild our economy, and to chart a new course for our nation on the global stage. Today, Donald Trump has once again proven that he is the only man fit for the job. Let us stand with him in his quest to make America great again!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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