WHOA! GOP Rep. Blindsides EVERYONE after Meeting with DeSantis, then Announcing HUGE Endorsement

Gooden's endorsement comes after "careful consideration and a positive meeting" with DeSantis.
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In a surprise move, GOP Rep. Lance Gooden has come out in support of another Republican candidate for President in 2024 just minutes after meeting with Ron DeSantis. Needless to say, Gooden blindsided everyone with his announcement, so without further ado, let’s dive right in!

In the 2024 presidential election, Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) endorsed former President Donald Trump over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

According to a press release from Gooden’s campaign, Gooden’s endorsement comes after “careful consideration and a positive meeting” with DeSantis.

Gooden’s statement reads: “I met with Governor DeSantis, and while he has done commendable work in Florida, there is no doubt in my mind that President Trump is the only leader who can save America from the leftist onslaught we are currently facing.”

Gooden added, “President Trump is a tireless fighter, a champion of American jobs, a guardian of our economy, and a bulwark against the relentless invasion of our borders by illegal immigrants.”

He concluded, saying, “I wholeheartedly endorse President Donald J. Trump for the 2024 presidential election and vow to fight alongside him to reclaim our country from the leftist forces that threaten to destroy it. Together, we will ensure a prosperous and secure future for our great nation.”

On Twitter, Former Trump campaign chief marketing officer Kaelan Dorr said Gooden’s endorsement of Trump after meeting with DeSantis “is like going to prom and DJT walking off with your date.”

DeSantis has consistently ranked second behind Trump in hypothetical Republican primary polls, despite not launching a presidential bid in 2024. It is expected that DeSantis will announce his 2024 plans after Florida’s legislative session ends in the near future.

Among Republican primary voters, DeSantis trails Trump by nearly 30 points, according to a Morning Consult survey released Tuesday.

As we approach the upcoming election, many conservatives are wondering who will lead the party to victory. With Gooden’s endorsement, it’s clear that Trump still holds significant sway within the GOP. As for Ron DeSantis, many argue that he would be wise to wait until 2028 before making a run for the presidency. For now, it seems the party is rallying behind the man who started it all. Despite many challenges and criticisms, the former president still commands a loyal following among conservatives. As the 2024 election approaches, Trump’s potential candidacy is sure to generate much discussion and debate. And while Ron DeSantis may have a bright future in politics, many agree that it’s still too early for him to make a bid for the presidency. For now, the party seems to have made its choice, and it’s clear that Trump is still the man to beat.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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