Renowned White House Physician Pressures Joe Biden for Cognitive Test

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Former White House physician and current Congressman Ronny Jackson has issued an ultimatum regarding Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities. Even as Biden just announced his re-election campaign, Jackson demands that the president either take a cognitively validated screening test or drop out of the 2024 presidential race, backing this demand with the American Public’s desire for a competency test for all presidential candidates. As the world watches one of America’s toughest political battles for power, the demand for transparency is increasing as health and age become key issues surrounding candidates. What will be the outcome of this political showdown, and what does it mean for America as a whole?

In politics, image, expectations, and leadership all play an essential role in determining the effectiveness and success of a candidate. In recent times, the health and cognitive abilities of presidential candidates have become a significant concern for both the American public and politicians. The current administration has become a center point of debate regarding the mental health and cognitive abilities of President Joe Biden. The latest declaration by former White House Physician Ronny Jackson calling for a cognitive screening test for Biden or withdrawing from the 2024 presidential nomination is the most recent event in this political tussle. According to Jackson, Joe Biden’s mental decline, and forgetfulness have become more apparent of late, and the American public deserves complete transparency with regard to their highest elected leader. 

Critics have been raising questions about Joe Biden’s mental fitness ever since he announced his first presidential campaign. During the 2020 presidential race, his occasional verbal gaffes and missteps became a topic of conversation, not just among his Republican opponents but also among his Democratic peers.

Since then, Biden’s issues with mental clarity and forgetfulness have only become more apparent. At times, he was seen getting lost in his thoughts or struggling to remember what he was saying or talking about. While supporters have tried to brush these off as merely evidences of Biden’s human nature, others have been concerned that the President’s mental decline is more apparent than ever.

Prominent politicians have called for cognitive tests for elected officials over a certain age, like Nikki Haley.

The call for a cognitive test is gaining more momentum as Rep. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician, sent a letter to the president demanding the test. Jackson has been calling for such a test for a while now. However, this latest letter follows Biden’s long-awaited announcement that he will run for re-election in 2024.

Jackson’s concerns over Biden’s advanced age come as the polls show the majority of voters believe that he is mentally unfit to serve as president, and a supermajority saying every presidential candidate needs to pass a competency test regardless of age.

In the letter, Jackson called on Biden to either take the test or resign immediately and renounce his bid for re-election. The letter also emphasized that the American people deserve complete transparency on the mental capabilities of their highest elected leader, and that they should have absolute confidence in their President and know that he or she can perform their duties as Head of State and Commander in Chief.

The administration, however, has dismissed calls for the president to subject himself to such tests. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre rejected the suggestion, claiming that the attacks on Biden’s mental health had failed in the past. Speaking in February, Jean-Pierre said, “if you go back to 2020, they said that the President couldn’t do it in 2020 and attacked him there, and he beat them.”

Despite the administration’s response, Jackson’s call for a cognitive test has gained significant traction among the GOP representatives, with Fox News reporting that Republicans have until Wednesday to sign the letter. If enough lawmakers sign the letter, it could pressure the White House into taking the test.

The calls for President Joe Biden to take a cognitive test or drop out of the presidential race are growing louder, with Rep. Ronny Jackson leading the charge. While the concerns about the president’s mental fitness have been present since his first presidential campaign, they have only increased, causing more controversy and raising more questions about his ability to carry out his duties as Commander in Chief.

While the administration has dismissed calls for such tests, the American people deserve transparency when it comes to the mental fitness of their highest elected leader. If the GOP representatives push hard enough and if enough lawmakers sign the letter, that pressure could force the White House to take a cognitive test or face more criticism.

The next few days will be vital in deciding if Joe Biden will take the test and prove his opponents wrong or if the controversy surrounding his mental fitness will only get worse. Whatever the outcome, it’s clear that the issue isn’t going away anytime soon.

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