Shocking! President Biden Supports Migrants Over Americans

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The border crisis seems to have no end in sight, and President Joe Biden’s appointed border chief has a radical solution to the problem. Alejandro Mayorkas is proposing a ridiculous solution that would “solve” the issue of empty jobs in America. You will be stunned by his words, and not in a good way.

Are American jobs for Americans, or should they be given away to migrants instead? President Joe Biden and his pro-migrant border chief seem to believe that there is no problem with allowing 10 million migrants to take jobs in America. Alejandro Mayorkas has declared that America has an incredible supply of migrant labor which can solve the border crisis and claimed worker shortage. But at what cost?

Mayorkas was asked on April 21 whether a compromise on border security was possible before a deal on migration policy. Mayorkas, a lawyer, responded in the same manner as an awful  law book.

Translated into English, Mayorkas argues that migrants need to be allowed over the border to fill job openings to resolve the border crisis.

Despite his position on immigration, Mayorkas failed to address its economic impact.

Since the 1990s, the migrant inflow has successfully lowered Americans’ wages and boosted rents and housing prices. As a result of the inflow, many native-born Americans have lost their jobs in a wide variety of industries and the death rate of poor Americans has increased.

However, many migrants are not desperate. Instead of fleeing from despotic governments, they come to the U.S. border for Mayorkas’ dangled offer of economic opportunity. As a result, Mayorkas’ incentivized exodus often helps dispositive governments by converting likely rebels into Americans who remit taxable funds to dictatorial governments in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

Through Mayorkas’ catch-and-release policy, even the poorest people can fund their travel by paying high-interest loans to smugglers. Smugglers would quit if there were no catch-and-release policies based on Mayorkas’ asylum, parole, and family unification excuses because migrants would not be able to repay their loans, no matter how desperate they were.

Mayorkas is a zealot for immigration. According to him, laws restricting migration are subordinate to the “Nation of Immigrants” narrative established by lobby groups during the Cold War, when immigrants made up only 7 percent of the population.

According to Mayorkas, Congress’ immigration law must be changed if it does not meet our highest ideals or proves functional in the service of those ideals.

“In January 2023, he told ABC News that it is unacceptable to exploit the rights and needs of individuals receiving humanitarian assistance in the United States for political ends.

But this ideology is aligned with investors’ demands that workers, apartment-sharing renters, and taxpayers will ever-increase in numbers.

It’s time to take a realistic approach to immigration that protects American jobs and the American economy. This means enforcing immigration laws, incentivizing skilled and educated workers to come to America, and implementing a smart immigration system that acknowledges the unique economic conditions and needs of the United States.

Furthermore, suggesting that 10 million migrants should take American jobs is an insult to American workers and citizenship. American citizens have responsibilities and obligations that come with citizenship, including a duty to defend the country and its economic interests. President Biden’s administration must recognize that America is not a limitless labor market, but a sovereign nation with limited resources and responsibilities.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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