Sixers’ Quest for Title: Can They Break the Jill Biden Curse?

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Former Mets champion Lenny Dykstra had some wise words for the Philadelphia Sixers Basketball team after their recent victory in the first round of the playoffs, when they beat the Brookelyn Nets. He warned the team to stay away from “Doctor” Jill Biden because of her history of bad luck with Phylli teams. America might want to take his advice for the entire Biden family for 2024.

Lenny Dykstra, a former MLB star and Philadelphia Phillies outfielder, sparked quite the debate on social media after his recent tweet warning the Philadelphia 76ers about First Lady Jill Biden. He suggested that if the 76ers make it to the NBA Finals, they might want to avoid inviting the First Lady, as they have to break their championship drought of 40 long years. Dykstra’s warning stems from a healthy superstition that brings bad luck to teams when people attend the games.

Philadelphia has a long history of superstitions associated with its sports teams. One of the most popular beliefs is that local fans become too noisy and their spirits lead the teams to victory. In the case of First Lady Jill Biden, this superstition is the complete opposite. According to Dykstra, Biden brings bad juju to local sports teams – and he has the evidence to back it up.

He tweeted, “Congratulations to the @sixers on sweeping the Nets in the first round. Hopefully it won’t get all fucked up in the Finals, like with the Phillies and Eagles, by the curse of DOCTOR Jill Biden showing up.”

The first game happened in 2022, when the Philadelphia Phillies were playing in Game 4 of the World Series against the Houston Astros. During the game, Dr. Jill Biden came to watch with her bodyguards. The Astros noticed it as an opportunity to win the series. They threw a no-hitter on the Phillies for only the second time in World Series history, and Philadelphia lost the next two games, and the whole series as a result.

The second game was the Super Bowl in February 2023 when the First Lady attended with their grandson. The Philadelphia Eagles were winning for most of the game, but the Kansas City Chiefs rallied behind Patrick Mahomes – an athlete some people believe would choke under pressure – and eventually beat the birds 38-35, ruining the Eagles’ chance to win the big game.

Although the events of the previous two tournaments may be coincidental, many Philadelphia sports fans believe that Lenny Dykstra is onto something. Philadelphia has a long history of suffering in playoffs, which many people attribute to bad luck. In the case of First Lady Biden, it seems like her attendance has a disturbing correlation with the poor performance of the team.

As the Philadelphia 76ers continue their journey to win the NBA championship, many local fans are already talking about who should be invited to watch the games. Dykstra’s tweet, which received mixed reactions on social media, adds another layer to this conversation.

Dykstra is not the only one who believes in the bad luck of the First Lady, as many Philadelphia sports fans are behind him, suggesting that maybe the curse will finally break if the First Lady doesn’t show at any game. Still, the idea of avoiding inviting the First Lady, a former senator’s wife, from attending the games – regardless of the rumors – sparks debates among people.

As the Philadelphia 76ers approach the NBA Finals, Dykstra’s tweet reminds us of the superstitions associated with Philadelphia’s sports teams. Just like many other cities, Philadelphia has its own set of beliefs, and some of them can be strange when viewed from the outside.

While the idea of avoiding inviting the First Lady may seem inappropriate to some, it’s hard to ignore the past experiences of Philadelphia teams that fell short in the presence of Dr. Jill Biden. Time will only tell if Dykstra was onto something – or if his tweet simply inspired debate.

Regardless, the NBA Finals are sure to be an exciting affair for Philadelphia fans, and the superstitions surrounding the team will be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. It will be interesting to see if any other peculiarities come into play as the city awaits a potential championship victory.

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