Kamala Harris’ Plot to Take Over as POTUS not Going Unseen

It is no secret that Kamala Harris has her sights set on the presidency.
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Is Kamala Harris secretly running for president in 2024? Political pundits are sounding the alarm about Joe Biden’s shaky grip on power and the ambitious vice president waiting in the wings. You won’t want to miss this shocking report on the GOP’s worst nightmare!

CNN contributor Van Jones has revealed that Kamala Harris is already campaigning for president in her 2024 reelection bid with Joe Biden. Despite her poor approval rating and failed 2020 presidential run, Jones predicts that Harris will win over Americans once they see more of her.

This raises the question of whether Biden is too old and frail to run for another term. Already the oldest serving president in U.S. history, he has faced growing scrutiny of his unsteady public appearances and his limited and stage-managed interactions with the press.

Some speculate that his decision to run again may have been influenced by concerns that Harris cannot defeat GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

It is no secret that Kamala Harris has her sights set on the presidency. Despite her unimpressive performance in the 2020 Democratic primaries, she was chosen as Joe Biden’s running mate on the promise of diversity and unity. However, her approval ratings have been even lower than Biden’s, as she struggles to establish a clear agenda and connect with voters. Apparently, however, this has not stopped her from quietly positioning herself for a future presidential campaign. One thing is certain: the future of American politics is up for grabs. With Biden and Harris at the helm of the Democratic Party, and Trump and other prominent Republicans vying for control of the GOP, the next few years are sure to be full of surprises.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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